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GO GlobeHopper (formerly Been Here Done That) is an outlet for consumer travel & tourism news and reviews.  We provide travel tips, destination and vacation ideas, and thoughtful, experience-based reviews of Hotels & Resorts, Attractions & Activities, Travel Products, Golf Destinations, and Dining.  We bring it together in fair and informative editorials with plenty of visuals for readers who enjoy globe-hopping and adventure.

Licensed by TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario), we are also registered travel agents and offer vacation bookings, business travel, destination weddings, golf getaways, and cruises.  Visit our BOOK NOW page at goglobehopper.com/booknow  If you would prefer to speak with a travel advisor, we can be reached at 289 275 7772

Feel free to share your travel experiences with us.  And if you have an idea for a tourist-related destination or product, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

If you are a travel supplier or tourism board and want us to visit, or want your information included on our site, please email us at media@goglobehopper.com

For general questions and advertising inquiries, please email admin@goglobehopper.com  


If you are looking for the race coverage that was featured on Been Here Done That, such as NASCAR race recaps and interviews, please visit our new sister site Go TrackHopper where we have expanded to include coverage of Indycar and Formula 1 racing as well.

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