Arcade Bar, Haggis & Whisky House – Edinburgh

Many people have heard of Scotland’s national dish, haggis, and are reluctant to try it because of the ingredients. However, to fully experience Scotland’s cuisine, trying haggis is a must at least once. Plus, it is a dish you are likely to never forget.

Haggis is a form of pudding, made of sheep’s heart, liver, lungs, and stomach, mixed with oatmeal, onions and savoury spices. The dish is typically served with mashed neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes), creating a fully balanced meal.

Robert Burn’s Famous Haggis

In Edinburgh, Arcade, a cozy little bar hiding in Old Town, serves some of the best haggis in the city. For a classic meal of haggis, neeps and tatties, order Robert Burn’s Famous Haggis for £11.95 (approximately $16 USD). The presentation of the dish is one you will want to snap a photo of, with the three layers stacked neatly on top of each other.

For £1.50 you can add some Whisky Sauce to your haggis dish; Scotland’s Whisky adds an extra punch of flavour. Arcade also serves vegetarian and gluten free options of haggis if you have any dietary restrictions.

Arcade has a few other meals that experiment with haggis combinations, such as chicken breast stuffed with haggis. For those who may not be adventurous enough to try haggis, there are other options, such as pork, steak or fish dishes.

As well as being a haggis house, Arcade is known as a whisky house. They have a massive collection of Scottish whiskies from most of the different whisky regions of Scotland. Each of the 6 regions offer different flavours; ask your server for recommendations if you’d like to try something new.

Traditional Scottish dessert, Cranachan

For dessert, Arcade offers the traditional Scottish dessert, the Cranachan for £6.95 (approximately $9 USD). It is served in a little mason jar and contains many flavours. Layered within the jar is oatmeal, raspberry coulis, whisky and whipped cream. The raspberry and whisky flavours balance each other well, and it is not overwhelmingly sweet.

They have a few other options for desserts as well, including afogatos and a Scottish Cheese Board. If you’re eating early in the day, you can try a traditional Scottish Breakfast at Arcade which comes with the usual bacon, hash browns, and eggs, but also haggis and black pudding.

Arcade cooks all their meals fresh, with locally sourced ingredients, which reflects in their delicious taste. Mains range between £12-£16 (approximately $16-$21 USD). To take a look at their menu, visit their website at