Bambuddha Sunglasses

The global climate movement has begun, with folks trying to cut down their waste and carbon emissions in daily life. Sustainability is a perfect way to contribute to this movement, simply through the products we use in every day life.

Enter Bambuddha, a sunglasses company on a mission to encourage the protection of our environment. These sunglasses are made sustainably from bamboo, and with every purchase of sunglasses, Bambuddha contributes 10% to support wildlife and the environment.

As soon as your order arrives, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sunglasses case, a cylindrical bamboo container carved with the Bambuddha logo. One end of the case pops off allowing the sunglasses to slide out. The glasses shown in our photos and used for the review are a style known as Sandwitch, in a classic and all-natural shade.

Bamboo is often mistaken as wood, when it is actually grass! As a result, it is an extremely renewable resource that can grow up to 3 feet a day even after being harvested.

Bamboo is extremely lightweight, making these frames very comfortable to wear; feeling almost like you’re not wearing them at all! Occasionally, pain behind the ears results when regular glasses are worn for a long period of time, but Bambuddha’s sunglasses don’t press into your scalp due to their lightweight nature. These shades incorporate spring hinges, creating a comfortable fit for any head shape.

Bambuddha sunglasses are perfect for any location, but they are especially convenient for beach or pool-side vacations. Being made of such lightweight material allows these sunglasses to float, making it easier to find them if lost during swimming.

As for the lenses, they are made of polycarbonate, which is a very durable material. Plus, the lenses are polarized which has many benefits, including that they reduce glare and block more reflective sunlight than non-polarized lenses. As a result, they enhance your vision, creating more defined images and vibrant colours while providing 100% UVA and UVB protection. All together, these lenses are easier on your eyes, reducing strain and squinting.

All of these benefits combined with the lightweight frames make these shades even more perfect for beach vacations and water sports as there will be less reflection of sunlight against bodies of water.

Bambuddha offers a lifetime warranty for defects due to craftsmanship. If your sunglasses are damaged, or lost or stolen, they offer discounts for your next pair. As a company, Bambuddha is sustainable and ethical, and cares immensely about the satisfaction of their customers.

The frames are available in variations of browns, from light to dark, as well as black, and in varying styles, so there’s something for everyone’s aesthetic. They retain the grainy appearance of the bamboo, making them a little more interesting than solid sunglass frames.

All Bambuddha sunglasses are price between $123 and $147 CAN, a good price for such durable, sustainable and fashionable sunglasses. You can expect to be rocking these shades for many years! Order them online at

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