Want to be vacation ready?  Want a flatter belly in your bikini?  Listen up!

If you’re a weight conscious person, always on the lookout for the next new fad, no doubt you’re aware of the sheer number of diets that debut annually.  Some of the most popular have included the Atkins Diet, The Zone, the South Beach Diet, the Juice Cleanse, ketogenics (better known as the ‘Keto’ diet), and the Mediterranean Diet to name just a few.  And then there are over-the-counter appetite suppressants as well as supportive programs one can join such as Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers.  There are even online websites and smartphone apps such as the new Noom.  But some of these can become quite expensive, especially those that supply meals.  And, in the end, expensive often equals failure.  Not to mention that some carry the possibility of health risks if done incorrectly.

For these reasons and more, it just makes good sense to simplify your approach to weight loss, which includes ingesting fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis, and choosing healthy foods that make you feel full and stay with you longer — in other words, foods high in protein and fiber.

Where can you find something high in fibre that tastes good and can keep you feeling full a long while?  Easy… bellyCRUSH Yellow Pea Fiber Cookies!

Yellow Pea Fiber is clinically proven to assist with weight loss without the loss of muscle.  The unique use of it in bellyCRUSH snacks will provide you with up to 30% of your daily fiber intake in just one cookie. Admittedly, the name doesn’t sound too appetizing, but the cookies are tasty in flavours of ginger & flax as well as oatmeal & hemp, while other flavours and snacks are currently in the works.

The cookies are packaged 6 in a box and are individually wrapped for freshness as well as convenience.  You can easily pop one into your pocket or purse to eat on the go, either as a snack or before lunch or dinner.  The full feeling you will get from these 200 calorie cookies will effectively stop you from further snacking or overeating during a meal. That’s why they’re perfect for weight management.  Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of the high fiber assisting with… waste management.

With bellyCRUSH, you’ll be vacation-ready in no time and you’ll CRUSH how you look in your bathing suit.

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