Best Travel Gadget: Lewis N. Clark Travel Door Alarm

by GO GlobeHopper

Heaven knows there are hundreds of travel gadgets on the market, but many of them are simply unnecessary and can easily be eliminated from your ‘must have’ list. When it comes to safety; however, many products are worth serious consideration, and the Lewis N. Clark Travel Door Alarm is one of them.  As a matter of fact, this brand ranks among the best of its kind.  That’s why we included it in our Pro Trips for Solo Female Travel, and now it’s time to take a closer look.

A portable door alarm is an item that most people neglect to think about when traveling.  That’s unfortunate considering that it’s a compact and affordable little gadget that can assist with safety as well as peace of mind, especially when it feels like locking the door isn’t quite enough.

Lewis N Clark‘s travel door alarm offers a motion sensor that triggers a 91-decibel alarm when someone has opened the door. That is equivalent to the noise of a lawnmower or jazz concert and is a level that can be dangerous to one’s hearing if exposed to it for too long. In other words, it will wake you from the deepest sleep and anyone else in the area.  Plus, it will undoubtedly startle and deter the intruder.

It’s ready to use with the installation of two lithium button cell batteries that come included in the package. The alarm set-up is simple — while holding the thin blades together, slide them into the small space between the doorframe and door, then hook the cord around the door handle and adjust the toggle to keep it in place. The final step is to set the alarm. The same action can be applied to windows and sliding doors as well.

A handy additional feature is a built-in LED flashlight that can help you to find your way around in the dark, in case of emergency. The Lewis N Clark alarm comes in several colors (black, mauve, and turquoise) and is small and lightweight so it takes up very little room in your luggage.  Dimensions are 1.38″ wide, 2.9″ long, and the cord is 12″. We recommend placing it in your carry-on bag, backpack or purse, just in case your checked luggage is misplaced during travel.  An added bonus is that you can use it at home as well, at hostels, in your apartment, and even in college dorms.

This is an item in the same vein as travel insurance — ideally, you might never need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.



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