Broadway at the Beach – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

For vacationers planning a return trip to Myrtle Beach this coming summer, be warned that several changes are underway, including several hotel renovations, restaurant openings and closings, and alterations to the tourist hot spot known as Broadway at the Beach.

For 20 years, Broadway at the Beach has been a favorite for Myrtle Beach locals as well as those visiting the Grand Strand. Complete with a wide range of specialty shops, dining, and other fun attractions, vacationers can easily spend days exploring the outdoor complex.

With so many years invested into Broadway at the Beach, and with all of the attention surrounding the attraction, it is inevitable that sometimes changes will be made to keep things fresh and keep people interested in new attractions, restaurants, and shops.

Recently, Broadway at the Beach announced some changes that have and will be taking place in the coming months in order to begin building a new vision for the future of the entertainment complex. Below is a list of changes that have happened or will be happening at Broadway at the Beach.

What’s Moving? 

Hard Rock Cafe is moving from its iconic pyramid to a new location where Broadway Louie’s used to be. The newly designed Hard Rock Cafe will be located in the entryway to a new entertainment and nightlife plaza. The new restaurant will feature a live music stage, event space, patio seating, and enough room for 528 guests to enjoy a great meal and awesome music.

In order to prepare for the new Hard Rock Cafe restaurant, Broadway Louie’s has moved to where Country Roads Bar & Grill used to be. While the sports bar did not take all of their arcade games along with them, they will still have Broadway Jake’s All Star Karaoke. Also, Broadway Louie’s will have a new outdoor patio and a full menu for hungry visitors.

What’s Opening?

It has been a rumor for a while, we now know that Dave and Busters has signed a lease with Burroughs & Chapin for a location at Broadway at the Beach. While there is no official opening date set, we know locals and visitors to Myrtle Beach will love the addition of a Dave & Busters to the area!

It has also been a rumor for some time now that a Paula Deen Restaurant will be opening at Broadway at the Beach. However, just recently we found out that plans have been submitted for Paula Deen’s Family Restaurant to be built at Broadway at the Beach. In order for this to happen, the building that once housed Carlos’ n Charlie’s must be demolished for construction of the new restaurant to take place.

A new craft beer bar and American gastropub called American Tap House will be opening at Broadway at the Beach this spring. This new restaurant, a concept by the operators of Wicked Tuna in Murrells Inlet and Enso Asian Bar & Sushi in Charlotte, NC, will feature over 40 local and regional American craft beers as. In addition, American Tap House will also offer a menu of exquisite cuisine that puts a twist on classic Southern comfort dishes.

A new nightclub called OZ will be joining the Celebrations Nightlife family in Celebrity Square. This new and exciting nightclub will offer an experience unlike any other on the Grand Strand. Each night, OZ will transform into a totally different club, changing its decor, design, theme, feel, and atmosphere. OZ is set to open this spring.


What’s Closing? (or has already closed)

In early September, Planet Hollywood at Broadway at the Beach closed its doors forever. The Hollywood themed restaurant that has served as a landmark for visitors for nearly 19 years decided not to renew its lease after Labor Day weekend.  The company released a statement saying that they are pursuing other opportunities for Planet Hollywood—just not at the Myrtle Beach location. The iconic globe-shaped building has since been torn down.

Around the same time that Planet Hollywood closed their doors, MagiQuest, a family-friendly attraction, closed theirs as well. Though there hasn’t been a statement released as to exactly why MagiQuest has permanently closed, there has been speculation that it had to do with the cost of renewing their lease. Burroughs & Chapin released information that there will be another attraction to take its place, but wouldn’t say what the attraction will be.

Since 1996, Revolutions Nightclub has been bringing the party to locals and vacationers looking for a fun place to dance and have a good time. Known for playing music ranging from the 1970’s-80’s along with more modern tunes as well, Revolutions Nightclub has been a place to take guests back in time to the heyday of funk, disco, big hair, and bell-bottoms. However, Revolutions, unfortunately, closed its doors on Nov. 7, 2015.

Carlos ‘n Charlie’s closed on October 31, 2015, and at first, we didn’t know why. However, we now know that there are plans to tear down this building in order to build a new Paula Deen restaurant.


Indeed, Myrtle Beach has become an ever-changing landscape of hotels and condos, restaurants and stores, and activities and attractions.  So vacationers that frequent the area have come to expect that some of their favorite establishments will disappear, while newer resort and dining opportunities open up.  The same is true for attractions like Broadway at the Beach.  And while it might seem a bit odd at first that the well known Hard Rock pyramid is gone, as is Planet Hollywood’s massive earth globe entrance, it won’t be long before you’ve found some new favorite places to frequent.  After all, it’s hard to resist the Grand Strand’s southern charm and hospitality.

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