Bioluminescence Kayak Tours – Guana Lake, Florida

by GO GlobeHopper

“Magical.”  That’s the word most often used to describe a visit to the glowing waters of Guana Lake in Florida.  If you allow yourself to be immersed in the moonbeams, starlight, and silence of the lake, magic is the only possible explanation for the brilliant display of aquamarine and electric-blue light emanating from within the night-blackened water. Could it be light from an aquatic party hosted by the lake’s creatures? Maybe it’s the glowing entrance to a secret city on the lake’s bottom?

Actually, it’s bioluminescence. The light is created by billions of comb jellies and single-celled dinoflagellates in the water. Together, they start a harmless chemical reaction that produces visible light.

Located just north of St. Augustine on A1A, Guana Lake is a rare place where bioluminescence can be seen nightly – no matter what time of year. Guided kayak tours conducted by The Geotrippin Adventure Company take guests across the lake to see the phenomena. As they get closer to the light, it’s not unusual to see the glow dripping from the kayak paddles with each stroke. Plus, during the spring and summer, participants get to experience airborne bioluminescence along the way – thousands of fireflies flash in the darkness.

The Geotrippin Adventure Company offers two nightly kayak tours. The 3-hour eco-tour gives participants a chance to experience the full and varied biology of the lake. Continuing through sunset, this tour ends with a close-up look at the bioluminescence display. A 90-minute nightly tour centers on the bioluminescence experience. The company also has several daytime tours. (Note: Guana Lake is located within the Guana River Marsh Aquatic Preserve and is closed to the general public each evening. The Geotrippin Adventure Company has special permits to allow it to operate at night within the Preserve). To book a bioluminescence tour, go to their website or call 904-701-3272.



Source:  Florida’s Historic Coast

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