Bushkill Falls – Pocono Mountains

Affectionately dubbed the ‘Niagara of Pennsylvania’, Bushkill Falls is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist attractions in the Pocono Mountain region.  However, if you think the only thing a visit will yield is a look at a waterfall, think again!

The sizeable park is loaded with activities and a few shops, and is a wonderful way for families, friends, and couples to spend the day.  It’s also an excellent opportunity for visitors to embrace views of a lifetime while walking the trails.  And if you’re wondering what kind of wildlife inhabits the densely forested region, look no further than the ticket building which houses an array of taxidermy including all indigenous mammals, birds and waterfowl, reptiles, and fish.

Upon exiting the building, visitors are immediately on a pathway that leads to a Trail Map indicating 4 distinct trails, each of varying length and views.  The options allow for hikers and tourists to embrace several perspectives of 8 different waterfalls.

Attire suited for the weather plus a good pair of walking shoes (hiking shoes or sneakers) is highly recommended.  Taking a water bottle with you is also a good idea, and perhaps even an energy bar or some fruit if you plan to embark on the longest trail.  Just be sure that you keep any garbage with you and dispose of it in the trashcans or recycling bins on your way out.  Do NOT litter the trails.

Green Trail The shortest of all trails, this offers fantastic views of the Main Falls and takes approximately 20 minutes walking time, longer if you’re stopping along the way to admire and take photos as most people do. For visitors that have back or knee problems, this is likely the best option since no climbing is involved.  However, you can expect several steps.
Yellow Trail This trail quickly ramps up the walk with lots of steps and steep climbs so it’s likely here or soon after that visitors with mobility issues will incur problems.  This trail includes the Main Falls along with the Lower Gorge Falls, Laurel Glen, and Upper Canyon.  It takes approximately 50 minutes to walk, but much longer for those stopping to admire and take photos or video.
Blue Trail This trail extends the walk/hike time to approximately an hour and a half, or longer if you’re stopping along the way. It includes views of the rapids and Pennell Falls
Red Trail Intended for seasoned hikers that can handle the steep and challenging terrain, the Red Trail is 2 miles long and takes 2+ hours to walk. It includes phenomenal views of the trails, mountainsides, river and rapids, and all 8 waterfalls, including Bridal Veil Falls.

It is to be noted that no matter which trail you choose to walk, ticket pricing is the same.
Adults        $14.50 (Weekday) $16.50 (Weekend)
Seniors      $13.50  (Weekday) $15.50 (Weekend)
Ages 4-8    $8.50   No change on weekends
Under 3 –     Free   No change on weekends

As mentioned, however, visiting Bushkill Falls does not end with the waterfalls and hiking trails. The park also offers an area for fishing with permits and rental equipment available on the spot. There are rental paddle boats for use on the beautiful pond found at the entrance of the park, there is a large and very clean area for picnicking and there is a small children’s playground. There is even a modest mini-golf facility as well as a maze and an opportunity to mine for gemstones. These facilities are individually priced at $5 and $10, or available as combos.

A few shops frame the parking area with a Trading Post for Native American souvenirs, a Nature Nook for gifts related to the surroundings, and a general souvenir shop.  For clothing items, there is a small outlet called Outfitters geared to the needs of hikers, as well as Sugar Mountain Sweet Shop, which specializes in fudge of all flavors.  The Snack Bar serves hamburgers, pizza, and wraps.

As you can see, a trip to Bushkill is so much more than just a look some waterfalls.  But the fact is, they are the main attraction and will leave you in awe. Hiking the trails is a beautiful journey that will take you out of your everyday life and reconnect you with nature’s paradise in an almost indescribable way.  It’s almost a spiritual experience given that it takes over your senses.  You can smell the clean, crisp surroundings, hear the roar of the rushing water, and feel the mist on your face.  The air is cleaner and more invigorating, and all sense of time will be lost.

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