Destination Idea: Cabarete, Dominican Republic – with video

by GO GlobeHopper

If you plan on visiting Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, consider getting off the resort for a change of pace with a full-day sidetrip to the destination of Cabarete.  Ask your resort concierge about reputable tours in the area, or simply have them call a credible taxi service to take you on this interesting excursion through the Dominican countryside, through the popular beach town of Sosua, and onto the active resort town of Cabarete on the northern coast.  The trip takes approximately 45 minutes, with a road distance of 38 kilometers, and costs a mere $10 to $14 (U.S.) for the taxi ride.

Cabarete Bay is protected by a coral reef.  The calm turquoise waters have made the region popular for watersports. And the breezy conditions make it especially good for windsurfing and kite surfing, which is why a section of Cabarete is known as Kite Beach.  It’s not hard to locate — just follow the neon splash of color soaring through the air.  If surfing is more your thing, head to Encuentro Beach which is known for its surf breaks.  Even if watersports don’t interest you, the beaches in Cabarete are far more lively than in Puerto Plata and can offer a much different experience with plenty of activity to watch.

Pull up a chair at one of the many restaurants and bars that can be found along the beach as well as clustered on the town’s main street called Calle Principal.  Unique shops and boutiques can be found here as well.  And keep your camera ready for photo opportunities that you simply can’t get back at your resort.

⦿ To watch our tour of Cabarete, visit our YouTube video HERE and be sure to use the highest quality playback settings.

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