Eurotel’s Nautilus Floating Suites – Lake Geneva, Switzerland


Switzerland is a small and beautiful country, full of natural, unspoilt scenery, including lakes and mountains. On the north side of the Alps, shared between Switzerland and France, it is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe – Lake Geneva.  The view alone is worth the journey to this little country. But soon there will be yet another reason to visit – a reason that will take the experience to new heights with floating hotel which will open on the lake next year.

The 4-star Eurotel Hotel, located in Montreux, has announced the start of construction of a Nautilus structure, composed of three floating suites and a panoramic restaurant. In the shape of a mollusc shell, it will offer a unique opportunity to spend the night on the lake in a luxury hotel with all the services to make for an unforgettable stay.

“Our hotel is looking to the future of luxury hospitality. We will offer our guests an experience that will appeal to people who travel to the trendiest places such as Dubai, New York or the Caribbean. The Nautilus is the first project of its kind to come to life in Switzerland and will put us on the map. Our extravagant and sumptuous suites will offer the best views and the most outstanding service in our region,” said Stephane Compagnon, Director of the Eurotel Hotel.

Equipped with the latest technology to ensure guests can order all services from the comfort of their room, the Nautilus will also be a sustainable building. A system to store and recycle used water and waste will be fitted in the rooms, as well as a hydroelectric generator. Carbon neutral and elegant, the Nautilus structure is a unique project in Switzerland. Designed to integrate the incredible panorama, a stay in the suite promises a peaceful night sleeping to the rhythm of the lake.

After receiving the official building permit from government officials, reservations opened on April 1st 2017 via the website, to start welcoming guests in June 2018. The first occupants will enter the suites when the Montreux Jazz Festival opens its doors for the 52nd edition.

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