Exploring Arctic Adventures – Snaefellsnes Peninsula

by GO GlobeHopper

Iceland has so many natural wonders. One area you won’t want to miss, with its varying forms of awe-inspiring landscapes, is Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Snaefellsnes is only a couple of hours from Reykjavík and is a point of land on the west of the country. Arctic Adventures runs small group tours here and takes visitors around the entire peninsula in a day, showcasing many of the highlights.

Backside of Mount Kirkjufell

Pick-ups begin at 8:00 am.  When you book a tour with Arctic Adventures online, you can choose a pick-up location that is close to your hotel, and the bus will make the rounds. Then everyone settles in for a long first leg of the drive, but the guide will share some facts about the land and their culture on the way. There is a brief photo stop at a lava field to admire the unique geology of Iceland and to stretch your legs.

Before heading to the next stop, the driver might allow the group to decide whether to stop for lunch or pick something up and eat on the way, thus allowing for more time at the scenic stops. If the group unanimously decides on a stop and go lunch, the driver will stop at a grocery store, and travelers can take this time for a bathroom break as well. The next stop is the famously photographed Mount Kirkjufell.

Upon approaching Kirkjufell, be sure to look at the shape of the mountain and again when you drive around it. It almost looks like a different mountain from the other side! Here you will be given time to walk to the waterfalls and to recreate the most iconic photos of this landscape. It is a very serene location with very few tourists disturbing the environment.

Djúpalónssandur the Black Lava Pearl Beach

After everyone returns to the bus, you’ll head off to Djúpalónssandur, also known as the Black Lava Pearl Beach. It is named for the black pebbles that make up the shoreline, thereby creating an interesting landscape.

Take some time to wander down to the beach and along the rocky shore, keeping a safe distance from the water.

Afterwards, walk back up and along the outcropping that overlooks the beach and the sea for an amazing view.

Next is a stop in the small fishing village of Arnarstapi. It is a very peaceful place, and you’ll be given time to stroll along the coastline to take in the view and relax.

Fishing village of Arnarstapi

At the end of the walk is a sculpture of the local guardian spirit, Bárður Snæfellsás. Ask your guide about his heroism in Icelandic sagas.

You also have a chance to visit the Miðgjá stone bridge, a natural stone arch just off the coast. Close to Arnarstapi is an old church called Búðakirkja, built in the classic and simplistic style of Icelandic architecture.

After spending time in and around Arnarstapi, there are the Vatnshellir Caves for those that have bought a ticket. This can be done when you book your ticket for Arctic Adventures online; you have the option to add Vatnshellir to your booking for approximately $31 USD, and it is definitely worth it.

Lava field of Berserkjahraun

The tour takes visitors down into lava tubes that were created 8000 years ago! It offers an immersive look at Iceland’s volcanic history and you’ll be able to see up-close what lava flows can do to the land. It is an easy tour for all levels of fitness. If you choose not to go, the tour guide will take you to a little lookout nearby.

This tour is the final sightseeing stop of the day, and then you’ll begin the trip back to Reykavík. On the road, you will be able to see the Gerðuberg basalt columns, and there is a short break for dinner, with the recommendation of getting an Icelandic hot dog.

This tour starts has a baseline price and then allows for options to be added. To book this tour, or see what other tours Arctic Adventures offers, visit adventures.is/.

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