Favourite 5 Rollercoasters in North America

Many a family vacation is built around visiting a theme park and there’s a good reason why.  Generally speaking, theme parks offer something to please everyone – from kiddie rides for tots to thrill rides for adrenaline junkies and everything in between.  Whether you like going round in circles or falling at rapid speeds, you’ll find it all at a theme park, along with games, arcades, live shows, and a bevy of tasty treats.

We’ve visited a lot of theme parks over the years and have developed plenty of favorite rides, among them – rollercoasters.  So, in no particular order, here’s a look at our Favourite 5.


1. Leviathan
At 306 feet high, this is the tallest ride at Canada’s Wonderland, located just north of Toronto. Leviathan, named after a sea monster, this is Wonderland’s 16th coaster with a turquoise structure that drops riders 306 feet at an 80-degree angle; traveling over 5486 feet of track at speeds reaching 148km/hour.



2. Millennium Force
Located at Cedar Point in Ohio, the coaster is impressive at 310 feet high with speeds of 93 mph. The design demanded an all-new category of classification  – and so the giga-coaster was born. Ranking as one of the world’s best steel coasters, this 2-minute long ride soars past the lagoon and through tunnels for an absolutely thrilling



3. Fury 325
Located in North Carolina at Carowinds Amusement Park, this high-speed steel giga- coaster is the tallest and fastest in the world. Standing 35 ft high, this experience takes riders on a 95 mph thrill ride with a first drop that equals the length of a football field.




4. Ride of Steel
Located at Darien Lake Amusement Park in New York, this coaster reaches speeds of 75+ mph. Formerly called Superman, this steel coaster features 3 hills and a drop of 205 feet. Though it doesn’t rank among the tallest of coasters, it does provide a thrill ride that soars over the park and alongside the water.



5. Mako
Located in Sea World Orlando and hyped as the tallest, longest and fastest coaster in the area, Mako is named after the fastest species of shark in the ocean and has a speed of 73 miles per hour. Built near the park’s pre-existing Shark Encounter, this super coaster is touted as having 200-foot drops and 9 airtime moments.  For thrill seekers, this deFINitately is the gem of the park.



Notable Mention to Top Thrill Dragster: Though technically not a “roller coaster”, notable mention goes to Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point.  While the duration of this ride is only 18 seconds long, this one-drop coaster packs a PUNCH with a 420-foot drop and a hydraulic launch system that propels riders from zero to 120 mph in just 4 seconds!  Yeah!  This one ISN’T for the faint of heart.





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