Get Your Fruit Fix at Agro-Tourism Farms!

Malaysia’s year-round tropical climate gives the country much in the way of tropical fruit, and though some of it is seasonal, new crops of different fruits are always on the horizon.  These include bananas, pineapples, watermelons, papaya, mangoes, coconuts, guava, durian, and the very unique Dragon Fruit, which, interestingly, grows on a climbing cactus called Hylocereus.

Hands-on Experiences – Photo Courtesy of HL Dragon Fruit Supply

The mention of dragon fruit often causes people to immediately think of the vibrant pinky-red colour and spiky exterior. But what many do not know is that is the juicy flesh contains immune-boosting properties that make it a desirable choice for health-conscious diets.

In an effort to introduce more fruit to the diet of Malaysians, the government has launched an annual campaign to promote the local goods.  And several of the farms have stepped up their efforts and purpose to become agro-tourism attractions where guests can learn about and savour the delectable fruit.

The HL Dragon Fruit Eco Farm provides an entertaining and eco-educational experience, with interactive activities that include planting the fruit. It makes for an interesting visit for adults and children alike.

The property also houses a restaurant and café, which professes to be the very first Dragon Fruit themed eatery in Malaysia.

Themed Cuisine and Beverages – Photo Courtesy of HL Dragon Fruit Supply

The farm-to-table atmosphere provides cuisine and beverages that include the fruit in their recipes, such as the Jumbo Dragon Bun.  Other options include dragon fruit rice, prawn with dragon fruit sauce, and mashed potatoes with dragon fruit gravy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the tasty and creative menu.

So, if you’re looking for something different to do on your next trip to Malaysia, consider an agro-tourism farm for a unique and tasty experience.

In addition to dragon fruit, you can also experience a Durio farm for another thorny fruit that’s growing rapidly in popularity and has become yet another agricultural attraction.



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