Go Tours – Off-Road Adventure – Horseshoe Resort Adventure Park, Barrie

As you may have already noticed, Segway tours are sort-of a favourite around here. First, we completed The Segway Adventure in Clearwater, Florida.  We followed up with the Historic Distillery District Segway Glide in downtown Toronto.

Our first experience was along a beach and our second was hosted by Go Tours along the sidewalks of a historic section of Toronto. What is amazing about Go Tours Canada is that they offer so many different and interesting experiences, so we decided to try yet another. The most recent was an ‘off-road adventure’.

Our kind, funny and wonderful guides – Teresa and Devon – took us through the Copeland Forest in Horseshoe Valley (which is located in Barrie, Ontario). Since our trek was to take place through mud, rocks, and dirt, this particular machine was a little bit different than the ones we rode in Florida and Toronto. These were called Off-Road X2 Segways. They also reach a top speed of 20km/h but are a little bit heftier than the others because they can withstand the difficult terrain.

Our safety training was rather quick since this was our third time on the machines. However, new riders can take as long as needed to get used to the Segway. Teresa and Devon told us all of the ins and outs of the trail before heading out, as this was going to be quite a different experience than the past two, with hills and dips and narrow pathways to consider.

This one hour ride was definitely an adventure. And, as an added bonus, they generously took us for an extra loop on the trail and an extra 10 minutes on the grounds of the massive resort.  Horseshoe Resort is a tourist hotspot, just north of Toronto, which contains restaurants and hotel accommodations, a golf course, and an Adventure Park so there is plenty to see and do and lots of space in which to do it.

It was a real treat to have been lead by such awesome guides. They provided us with some historical facts along the way and made sure we were comfortable at all times, especially in areas that presented a bit of finessing. Riding through Copeland Forest was beautiful, I must say. Taking in all the fresh air with the gorgeous trees and foliage around us was pretty magical, and they even offered stops along the way for photo opportunities. Devon was kind enough to be our photographer and videographer for most of the ride so shout outs to him!

The Segway tours are reasonably priced. The one hour experience is $69 (CAD) plus HST per person while the 30-minute experience costs $39 (CAD) plus HST per person. I highly recommend you and your group opt for the hour experience because 30 minutes is simply not enough on these fun machines!

But our fun didn’t end there! There are SO many different activities to do at the Horseshoe Valley Resort. The Adventure Park boasts treetop trekking, zip lining, rock climbing, ATVs, mazes and mini ATVs, along with bouncy castles and trampolines for the kids.

Much to our shock and sheer delight, Devon surprised my review partner and me with a zip line experience. What a rush! There are two zip lines offered at the resort; one is a double line where two guests can go together that is offered at Slopeside Adventure and another that is a part of the treetop trekking experience and is apparently faster than the first one.

If you have a day or weekend to spare this summer, I highly recommend a day trip with friends or family, to Horseshoe Valley Resort to experience the Segway tour and any other adventure on the property. It’s totally worth the drive north of Toronto.  And you can see how relaxing it is in our video below.

Review and Photos by Marisa Filippo

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    this looks like so much fun. do they offer discount deals for groups of friends?

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    so fun would luv to try this

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