Horizn Studios M5 Smart Cabin Luggage

Have you ever been convinced that your carry-on luggage met with airline guidelines only to find out too late that it didn’t? Have you ever been stranded in an airport for much longer than you anticipated and needed to recharge your phone or laptop only to discover all charging stations at your gate were already in use by other passengers? Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate these types of travel setbacks? Well, you can with Horizn Studios M5 smart cabin luggage.

For starters, this piece of luggage measures 40cm wide x 55cm high x 20cm deep with a volume of 33L. It is accepted by all airlines for in-cabin usage, so you don’t need to fret about being denied. No more inconvenient, last-minute baggage check-ins of the carry-on you originally had intended on being within arms reach on the plane. Secondly, your low battery dilemmas are a thing of the past thanks to a removable smart charger. Just one click does the trick, and the charger is out of the suitcase. Keeping your tech devices in mind, Horizn has also added a water-resistant front pocket capable of holding a laptop of up to 15 inches. It also contains an inbuilt compression pad and a hidden laundry bag.

You might think that all this convenience in one product results in inconvenient weight and maneuverability issues. But the fact is, the combination of the lightweight polycarbonate hard shell plus high-end 360° spinner wheels make this piece of luggage easy to wheel through any airport, train station, or hotel, and change direction on a whim.

The Horizn Studios M5 Smart Cabin Luggage comes in 2 exterior designs and an array of 8 colours, including black, graphite, olive, midnight blue, soft dusky blue, marine green, sand, and a black and blue camouflage design for something completely different. There’s even an option to customize the colour of the handle and wheel caps with bright, bold statements of electric blue, teal, purple, and green.

This German company prides itself on 100% vegan merchandise, which they claim is PETA approved. And 3% of sales are donated to the company’s social cause of people in need. So, all the boxes are checked for a conscientious product that you can feel good about purchasing.

Undoubtedly, this cabin-friendly suitcase is unique for many reasons. And certainly, the features that make it unique and so very convenient are the things that drive up the price. To that point, the M5 price is rather steep for a carry-on at $426 (US funds). One would expect a large specialty suitcase for that price, or perhaps even an entire set. But if you are someone that travels a lot and you value convenience as well as attractive, durable luggage, the M5 is a good investment.

Visit the Horizn Studios website HERE to learn more about M5 Smart Cabin Luggage as well as several other products, like backpacks, totes, and travel wear.



Lead Photo via Horizn Studios

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