Midworld’s Zipline Tour, Costa Rica – with video

by GO GlobeHopper

Costa Rica has beautiful natural scenery made up of beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and jungle. One of the best ways to see and experience the jungle is an adventure with MidWorld’s Zipline Tour. This tour takes you above and through the jungle canopies of Costa Rica, creating a breathtaking experience, both literally and figuratively.

The tour operates in MidWorld, which is a private reserve close to Manuel Antonio National Park. It is made up of rainforest and surrounded by the Rio Cañas. Visitors can choose to be picked up at their hotel or meet at MidWorld’s office in Quepos. Before heading to the jungle, some waivers need to be signed at the office before the guide takes you and your assigned tour group to MidWorld by bus.

The half-hour ride takes visitors through an African Palm plantation and through the small town of Cerros which makes for a scenic drive.  On the way, the guide narrates a little and offers information about the history of Costa Rica and its agriculture.

To enter MidWorld, tourists step off the bus at the Rio Cañas and cross a suspension bridge on foot. The bus follows separately for safety reasons.  Afterward, the group reboards and the bus drives the remainder of the way to a rancho.

⦿ To watch Costa Rica’s Best Eco-Tours, including zip line tours, visit our YouTube channel HERE and be sure to use the highest quality playback settings. Or, keep reading for valuable information and photos regarding MidWorld’s zip line excursion.

Upon arrival, MidWorld staff fits visitors with the necessary safety equipment, which includes a harness, helmet, gloves, three safety lines, and a number of carabiners. You can be confident with MidWorld that all safety precautions have been taken. Their zipline tours use double cabled lines and an automatic braking system so you can simply enjoy the ride through the rainforest. All their equipment is also up to standards with the latest international safety guidelines.

Following a quick safety session, MidWorld trucks take adventurers into the rainforest to their first platform. Some cable lines go right through the tree canopies, while others are high enough to get an aerial view of the jungle. Many guides join the group to ensure all participants are comfortable throughout the tour.

Throughout the two-and-a-half-hour tour, there are 9 ziplines and 15 platforms that will take you through the treetops. The harness allows you to sit comfortably as you ride the lines. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even flip upside down!

To end the tour, visitors rappel down a tree and head back to the rancho for lunch. Everyone is served a delicious home-cooked Costa Rican meal with rice and beans, plantains, salad, and meat and vegetables.

You can add to your tour with the Superman Line (as shown above). This zipline is the longest double-cabled line in Central America, over 1 kilometer long, and reaches speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour! For this, visitors are put into a full-body harness and positioned on their stomachs. It is an exhilarating ride with gorgeous views, and you’ll get a photo-op where you can pose as Superman as you zip by.

As a company, one of MidWorld’s core values is sustainability, and they do this by contributing to preservation and reforestation projects in Costa Rica to protect native flora and fauna. They also work with the town of Cerros on educational and community projects. Part of your tour price goes toward these projects, and because of this, MidWorld has received the Costa Rican Tourism Board’s Certification of Sustainable Tourism.

MidWorld’s Zipline Tour is child-friendly; for the general zipline children aged 4 and up are welcome to ride with an accompanying adult. It is also friendly for all fitness levels as there is minimal walking.  For more information on the tours including prices and how to book, visit Midworld Costa Rica.


Suspension Bridge & Double Cable photos via MidWorld’s Public Facebook Profile.
All other photos by Mackenzie Boers

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