OZ Jet Boat Thrill Ride, Sydney – with video

by GO GlobeHopper

Within Port Jackson, Australia, the Sydney Opera House can be seen along with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and many small islands. At any given time of the year, the harbour is full of boats, from passenger ferries to personal yachts, and from kayaks to a few large cruise ships. Sydney-siders and tourists alike love seeing these sights. And there’s no better way to do it than on a thrill ride with the OZ Jet Boat Tours in Sydney Harbour.

Situated within a few minutes of the Sydney Opera House, passengers boarded one of the famous Red Shark Boats and dawned large red ponchos.  At that point, it became obvious everyone was going to get wet. As we were readying ourselves with our water protective gear (red poncho and life jacket) we were told “Don’t bring anything onto the boat that you wouldn’t want to lose” and “Take off your socks and shoes and leave all your electronics on land, you’re about to get very wet”.

After a quick rundown of the type of thrilling stunts the captain would be doing on the water, we were instructed as to the best way to hold onto the safety bar for ultimate comfort during the boat spins. Additionally, we were told of the different safety measures the company takes to ensure passengers do not hurt. Afterward, we set off into the harbor!

⦿ To watch our thrill ride with OZ Jet Boat Tours, visit our YouTube video HERE and be sure you are using the highest quality playback settings. Or, keep reading for valuable information and photos.

Not more than 10 minutes into the high-speed ride, our driver had already taken us through several boat spins and power break stops, and we were already soaked.  Then our driver took some time out to point out historic sites such as Fort Denison, a former penal facility turned restaurant; the Taronga Zoo; prime real estate on the bay, as well as Kirribilli House, the official secondary residence of the Prime Minister of Australia.

Although cruises in this area can be a bit dull, the Oz Jet Boating Company provides a thrilling adventure for those seeking a lively experience. All staff are warm, inviting, and very knowledgeable.  Our Captain was enthusiastic and charismatic, and after each spin, he double-checked to ensure all passengers were well and wanted to continue with the next maneuver.

A GoPro was affixed to the front of the boat for video, as well as provided passengers with the opportunity to take selfies as we drove past places of interest, such as The Bridge and the Opera House. Since phones and cameras had to remain on land, this allowed passengers to take home a memory from the trip, as all photos and video from the 30-minute boat ride could be purchased afterward.

A drawback of this adventure is the poncho, given that the hood is not equipped with a drawstring.  As such, it has a tendency to fly off as the boat is doing tricks. So be warned, if you go but don’t want to get your hair wet, take a waterproof hat with you because it’s impossible to keep the poncho hood on. The only other piece of advice would be to consider the day and the time of year before riding. Though it may be summer in the northern hemisphere, it is currently autumn in Australia.  Not to mention that our particular tour took place just before sunset.  As a result, getting drenched left us cold and shivering after we returned to the dock.  If you visit Sydney in the fall or winter, we would recommend taking a ride in the early afternoon!

If you’re looking for a thrill when visiting Sydney, I would highly recommend this adventure!  The first 360-spin will surely leave you screaming… again and again!

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