Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Las Vegas

Located on the second floor of Harrah’s hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard is one of the swankiest Ruth’s Chris restaurants in the chain, with dark wood, dim lighting, a broad view of The Strip and the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace directly across the street, and the succulent sizzle of Grade A steaks.

Larger than most other locations we have attended, the striking sunken bar set in the midst of the room allows seated patrons to be face to face with the bartenders as they enjoy a vast selection of libations, including specialty drinks such as a Dirty Goose Martini, a Ginger Coconut Lemon Drop, and a Cucumber Basil Vodka Gimlet.

As one would expect, this high-end Vegas restaurant sees plenty of customers, particularly during the holidays.  To that end, we were told during our dining experience that 700 reservations had been taken for New Year’s Eve, and this did not include walk-ins or guests that would come only for the bar and it’s superior selection of liquor and liqueurs.

Known far and wide for their superb steaks, Ruth’s Chris sears their choice cuts at 982° Fahrenheit and then serves them on plates heated to 500°.  Half an ounce of butter is then added to the plates in order to produce the restaurant’s signature sizzle.  As a result, patrons are asked to raise their napkins as the food is served (in order to protect clothing from any butter that might splatter) and then are warned not to touch the plates.  There’s a reason the steaks are done this way and the result is delicious perfection, as we found in our New York Strip and ribeye selections.

Side dishes served family style and large enough to be shared between two or three people, run a close second to the steaks, chops, and seafood when it comes to taste and presentation.  As difficult as it may be to believe, the restaurant’s loaded baked potato is a work of art – a meal of its own and utterly tasty.

There’s no denying that a dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House will set you back a few bucks.  Food and service of this calibre come at a price.  However, this is no ordinary meal.   There’s a reason the restaurant slogan is ‘THIS is how it’s done!’ and it couldn’t be more appropriate than in a location like Las Vegas, right on The Strip.  

That said, we do have a word of warning. Most patrons lean toward sitting at a window table, given the view of the Vegas Strip.  But if you choose to do so during the winter months when evening temperatures fall significantly, and particularly if you choose the seat right against the window, you will feel a noticeable chill and it will affect your comfort level during your meal.  Dress warmingly, or at least be prepared with a sweater.

2 thoughts on “Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Las Vegas

  • April 7, 2017 at 4:21 am

    great steak house, great bar and great view of the strip

  • May 20, 2017 at 9:57 am

    Your right about the window seats being cold during winter. Kind of spoils the meal. Its like they are so used to vegas being hot that they forgot to insulate the windows.


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