Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – Niagara Falls

Although we tend to review unique, one-of-a-kind restaurants, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouses keep making an appearance on the site despite their franchise environment within the well-known chain.  The most prominent reason for making this exception within our Dining section is that every location is, in fact, different, with exclusive decor and price points geared to their respective neighborhoods.

Nowhere is this more evident than at Ruth’s Chris’ Niagara Falls (Ontario), located in the lobby of the Four Points by Sheraton hotel, directly across the street from Fallsview Casino.

The recently renovated and expanded restaurant boasts a large and welcoming bar right at the entrance, adjacent to the Maitre ‘d/Hostess desk.  Patrons wishing to partake in a drink before dinner are able to sit at the bar, or relax on a leather couch in the lobby area.  A few tables and booths are available just past the bar; however, with the recent expansion, the restaurant now extends far beyond, almost as if in sections.  That being said, the sections feel disconnected.

The first section features intimate booths decorated in cream colored satin, and just beyond that larger booths begin to appear, decked out in heavy wood and blood-red satin, emitting a Renaissance flair with heavy draperies that draw to a close and provide ultimate privacy.  More red booths line the left side of a long hallway (though these booths are somewhat smaller in size), while the right-hand side of the hall stores hundreds of bottles of aged and specialty wines behind locked glass doors.  Just beyond the hallway, the restaurant opens to a larger area for more seating.  Overall, the decor is upscale and heavy, with plenty of dark wood, red satin and velvet, and features gold trim and accents.  It’s an almost retro ‘steakhouse’ feel (think 70’s and early 80’s) but with a Renaissance twist.

The menu is the same as you would expect at any other Ruth’s Chris location, however, the price points are considerably higher here thanks to the touristy area of Niagara Falls.  Appetizers of Shrimp, Calamari, Crab Cakes etc are an average price of $20, Lobster Bisque and French Onion Soup are $12, while New York Steaks are priced at $103, Ribeyes at $109, and T-bones at $117.  All steaks are well-marbled and crooked to perfection, served sizzling on the plate and so unbelievably tender you could almost cut it with the side of your fork.

Bear in mind that these prices are NOT for an entire dinner, as potatoes and vegetables are considered Side Dishes and are sold separately.  For example, Julienne Fries or Loaded Baked Potatoes are $12-$15 each.  And vegetables of Steamed Broccoli (crisp and flavorful) or sauteed Cremini Mushrooms (which are to die for, by the way) are priced the same.  That may sound excessive, and perhaps it is; however, the side dishes are exceptionally large and are shareable for 2-3 people so there’s really no need for everyone in your party to order their own unless they have a voracious appetite or plan on coming home with leftovers in containers.  Not to mention that unlimited fresh baked bread, served before and during the meal, tends to be quite filling so it’s doubtful you’ll want or need to order numerous side dishes.

Signature cocktails, most of which are priced at $19, include Blueberry Mojitos and Raspberry with Rosemary Cosmos, both of which feature fresh berries and a unique earthy zing that you’ll savor sip after sip.

Dinner for 3, without appetizers or dessert, and only one drink each, topped out at $536 (CAN) not including tip. Pricey? YES!  No doubt about it.  However, steak lovers will appreciate the finest grades of meat and the signature sizzle of the butter topped beef that melts in your mouth with each and every bite.  And customer service is always first rate with attentive staff making regular trips to the table and the manager stopping by to ensure that everything is to your liking.

Though dinner at Ruth’s Chris Niagara Falls tasted familiar, the ambiance was entirely different to any location we’ve visited yet.  And, indeed, the bill was considerably higher.



2 thoughts on “Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – Niagara Falls

  • May 27, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    i really admire your content. but as much as i like a Ruths Chris steak i just can not justify the ridiculous prices of their niagra falls location

  • February 28, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    the restaurant is a weird set up and the meal is over rated and way to expensive


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