Seattle’s Comfort Food with a Gourmet Glow

Who says you have to decide between comfort food and an upscale dining experience with a gourmet edge.  The fact is, it’s possible to get both, particularly if you live in or plan to visit Seattle.

Visit Seattle has compiled a list of eateries that are sure to please because they uniquely deliver on both fronts.  Now all you have to do is make your way to Seattle, if you’re not already there, choose your destination, and dig in!


Bok a Bok – Photo via Bok a Boks Public Facebook Profile

Bok a Bok

Light-hued, crackle-skinned Korean fried chicken is dished up at a compact counter with kimchi mac and cheese, tater tots, and surprisingly great biscuits.  Seasoned garnishes give these dishes a big pop of flavour, much like the assortment of dips that are provided.  For another taste sensation, try the smoothies.

Address: Various Locations.  Visit Bok a Book at



Cortina – Photo via Cortina’s Public Facebook Profile


In his sleek downtown dining room (shown in our lead photo), restaurateur Ethan Stowell reimagines the humble tavern burger as a colossus of tender beef, Beecher’s cheese, and artisan bacon.

Or for something completely unique, try the Dungeness Crab Cake Sandwich with Calabrian Chili Aioli and Roasted Red Peppers as shown in the photo on the left.

Address: 621 Union St.  Visit Cortina at


Gracia Seattle – Photo via Gracia’s Public Facebook Profile


In this cozy atmosphere of Mexican inspiration, Chef Chester Gerl grinds strains of heirloom corn to make tortillas that come stuffed with lamb barbacoa or battered cod.

Other specialties include Empanada Con Huevos as seen in the photo on the left, as well as fresh Caesar Salads with Grilled Shrimp, and Huarache, a traditional Mexican dish consisting of masa dough and smashed pinto beans with a variety of toppings and salsa.

Address: 5313 Ballard Ave NW.  Visit Gracia at


Great State Burger – Photo by Jessica Huang

Great State Burger

The simplicity makes this ever-growing burger chain a winner with organic, grass-fed patties loaded with American cheese, pickles, and tangy sauce.

The burgers are even better with some crinkle-cut fries on the side.

Great State Burger has also ventured into breakfast-to-go with a toasted English Muffin loaded with egg, American cheese, and Hemler’s Bacon or Pork Sausage, with Hash Browns on the side.

Address: Various Locations. Visit Great State Burger at


Ma’ono – Photo by Jessica Huang


A sojourn in brine, a soak in buttermilk, a dredge in spiced flour—a ton of effort goes into the deep-golden, craggy pieces of bird that built this West Seattle restaurant’s fan base.

Order a whole, half, or quarter bird in advance, and pair it with some of chef Mark Fuller’s elegant Hawaiian-inspired sides.

Address: 4437 California Ave SW.  Visit Ma’ono at



Pho Bac Sup Shop – Photo via their Public Facebook Profile

Pho Bac Sup Shop

The spacious, highly Instagrammable newcomer in the Chinatown–International District is still a casual hole-in-the-wall at heart.

The soup recipes date back to the city’s first-ever pho shop using fresh and organic ingredients, as shown in the photo to the left with short ribs.  This one is extremely popular among customers.

Address: 1240 S Jackson St.  Visit Pho Bac Sup Shop at


Monsoon Courtesy of Geoffrey Smith of Monsoon


Capitol Hill’s fine-dining Vietnamese favourite uses all-natural, high-end cuts of beef in its lunch and brunch pho.

The result is an elegant, extra-rich take on this comforting staple, and the restaurant is a huge hit with locals and visitors alike.

Address: 615 19th Ave E.  Visit Monsoon at



Tacos Chukis – Photo by Jessica Huang

Tacos Chukis

What began as a secret spot on Capitol Hill is now Seattle’s best-loved chainlet taqueria, where corn tortillas burst with nopales, carne asada, or adobada and grilled pineapple.

Each one is a mere $2.

Address: 219 Broadway E.  Visit Tacos Chukis at

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