Shacke Pak Packing Cubes – Product Review

by GO GlobeHopper

When getting ready to travel, one of the hardest things to do is pack.  For many people, the difficulty lies in the lack of space. One of the easiest ways to rectify the problem is with packing cubes. And one of the best brands on the market is Shacke Pak.  These space savers help to organize your clothing and assist in making it easier to pack and unpack.

Made of water-resistant nylon with high-quality zippers and an extended zipper cord, the cubes are super durable with reinforced double web stitching.  A set of cubes includes 4 medium (13.75 x 9.75 inches) and one small (11 x 6.75) with a depth of 4 inches. The design creates a strong lid that holds your belongings in place and prevents the cube from folding upwards in the middle.

Shacke Pak packing cubes are hand washable in cold water and can be hung to dry.  Washing machines and fabric softeners are not recommended on this type of nylon material.  But treated right, these cubes will withstand the wear and tear of travel, trip after trip.

The 5 pack sets come in 5 brilliant colors of purple, teal, electric blue, lime green, and dark grey, and fit perfectly into suitcases, backpacks, and even a large tote.  Use a small bag for necessary items on a day outing, use a medium and a small for an overnight stay, or use all 5 for a full-fledged vacation.  Convenient, durable, and versatile, these are a must for all your travel needs.

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