Shark Cage Diving, Cape Town – with video

by GO GlobeHopper

When most people think of wildlife encounters in South Africa, the animals that come to mind are lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, etc., so they naturally think of safaris in the Mara Region of Serengeti National Park, or in Kenya’s Kruger National Park.  What rarely comes to mind is marine life.

Off the coast of Cape Town, there are a few encounters well worth consideration, such as the abundance of sea lions that can be found on Duiker Island, the African penguin colony that can be seen on Boulder’s Beach, and, of course, whale watching. But the most memorable of all wildlife experiences that are prevalent in this region are up-close encounters with Great White sharks via shark cage diving in False Bay or Gansbaai.

The Western Cape is one of the most important great white research areas in the world, with the majority of shark research taking place in Gansbaai. Most shark cage diving operators take conservation very seriously. They’re dedicated to operating tours in ways that will have the least impact on the environment, natural habitat, and behavior of the sharks. To that end, Cape Town has 8 reputable operators in the region that will be happy to book your tour.  Many tours include a look at Duiker Island (also known as seal island) or a stop at Boulder’s Beach to see the penguins.

While cage diving can be experienced year-round, breaching expeditions take place only during the winter months, from June to September.

⦿ To watch our shark cage diving experience with a visit to Boulder’s Beach, visit our YouTube video HERE, and use the highest quality playback settings.

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