Testing the Neewer 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal

by GO GlobeHopper

Typically, a tech gadget made for videographers isn’t considered a “travel product“. However, there are times when a traveler needs assistance capturing the moment. That is to say, accurately capturing the moment, without shakes, without pixelation, and at the perfect angle. Luckily, there is a tool to help you do that and no, it is not a selfie stick. It’s called a Gimbal and the stabilizer from Neewer has everything a traveler needs.

A Gimbal works by balancing your smartphone and providing pivoting support through axes that allow for rotation while staying stabilized whether you are shooting vertically or horizontally. On the Neewer Gimbal, there are 3 axes – roll, tilt, and pan – therefore, 3 modes in which to film.

Pan Following Mode allows the pan axis to move freely while tilt and roll are locked. In Following Mode, the roll axis is locked while the tilt and pan axes move. Finally, Locking Mode locks all 3 axes and the movement of the camera is controlled manually. These modes give the operator the ability to accurately select the right mode to correspond with the scenario they are shooting. This is a bonus for travellers and explorers in changing conditions.

This Gimbal and its various modes make taking a smooth panorama or a vlog-style video much easier than just holding the phone, which involves the phone absorbing every shock and movement. It is also great for taking phenomenal photos since zoom and capture can be controlled from the handle once it is paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

A quick Google search will yield results for hundred of different Gimbals, all at different price points and all with different features. What sets this one from Neewer apart from the rest is the number of features the small device contains. Aside from having 3 different modes, it also has great battery life that allows for 12 hours of run time plus acts as a portable charger for your phone with a convenient USB port. The Neewer Gimbal also has a battery display so you can keep track of your usage and know when it is time to charge. Other features include face tracking, object tracking, panoramic shooting, and time-lapse shooting.

Now, you may be thinking that a tech device that does so much would be expensive. Surprisingly, the Neewer 3-axis Gimbal is actually very affordable at just US$79 on Amazon or on Neewer.com, which is a steal compared to other devices costing upwards of US$2,000.

Speaking from personal experience, we found the Neewer Gimbal to be shockingly easy to use. The instruction was simple to follow, it paired to our smartphone quickly, and the device was not as awkward to use while on the move as we envisioned it would be. We were also pleasantly surprised at the weight seeing as it’s heavy enough to ensure stability, durability, and a safe grip on your phone, but lightweight enough that it doesn’t hurt your wrist or cause you to feel weighted down.

Admittedly, it does take some time to get used to operating since it picks up even the slightest movements and tries to counteract them in an effort to keep the camera stable.

As experienced travellers that take a LOT of videos, we can say without a doubt, the 3-axis stabilizer Gimbal from Neewer is everything a traveller needs to capture the moment like a pro.

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