The Coolest Bars in Vegas

Las Vegas is known for many things, including its interesting cocktail concoctions.  It also has an extraordinary number of watering holes, in hotels and casinos, at the pools, in the nightclubs, and a great number of individually owned establishments on the boulevard as well as off the strip.  No matter where you are in Vegas – uptown, downtown, or anywhere in between – there’s no shortage of places to grab a drink.  But some are more outstanding than others, due to their uniqueness, theme, clientele, or backstory. Thanks to Visit Las Vegas, we now have a list of ten standouts they say will leave you with an interesting tale to tell, or at least a great photo.

Bond at the Cosmopolitan

Bond − Inside The Cosmopolitan, this sophisticated lounge is hidden behind a curtain, and subtle lighting and gold tones feel like you got the invite to the most secret club. The menu is built for every taste or dining desire, with drinks like the Breakfast Martini or The Spicy Fifty.

Double Down Saloon − The Emo phase doesn’t have to end. This eccentric punk rock bar boasts its rebellion nature with live punk music, pool, pinball, and its title as the birthplace of the original bacon martini.

Herbs and Rye − From the street, you’d never know that a sophisticated bar hides behind a brick cinderblock. The vibe, music, dim lights, and drinks by era (feeling Rat Pack or Golden Age?) make it a place to be.

Frankie’s Tiki Room

Frankie’s Tiki Room − A local’s favorite and a never-gonna-quit ’50s tiki lounge, this unique spot has jukebox tunes, stiff drinks, and encourages your best Hawaiian shirt to be worn. The furniture is hand-carved by Bamboo Ben, the well-known tiki bar designer, so before you grab your rum drink and a seat, be sure to check out all the carefully crafted bamboo décor.

Oddfellows − It looks like any bar, situated on the corner of 6th and Ogden streets, but once you walk in, smell the incense, and then see the Ouija board players in booths along the back, you’ll quickly learn there is nothing like it. Check out the back room to see the video nightclub.

The Sand Dollar Lounge − An iconic blues bar in Chinatown, the center stage has been graced with Muddy Waters, BB King, and even Mick Jagger. If you’re craving a relaxed atmosphere, live music, and craft cocktails, this is your spot.

Mob Museum Bar

Mob Museum Bar − Where else are you going to have to venture down to the basement of a museum, grab a seat at the bar, and have a bartender slide you over an old-fashioned, hidden in a hollowed book, all while he presses his index finger to his lips? This Prohibition-inspired spot is like time-travel without all the restrictions.

Starboard Tack − Ready for a flashback? Starboard Tack opened in 1971 and still remains dressed in floral wallpaper and rattan furniture, and boasts a massive mural of a tropical Vegas. Rum takes center stage on the menu, as well as $1,000-per-bottle Black Tot Last Consignment Royal Naval Rum from the British Royal Navy’s remaining stock, in case you’re interested.

Rosina − Called a “cocktail retreat,” Rosina is a small bar with limited seating of only 65, creating an intimate environment. Pearls and metallic shades of black, gold and burgundy decorate the walls, along with a red button you can press when you simply need champagne.

Velveteen Rabbit − This bar doubles as a venue for live music and live art murals, and is known for its craft cocktails, all curated seasonally. It’s not where you’d assume a place of its kind to be, surrounded by more thrift shops than bars, making it even more of a must-see.

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