The Melbourne Star – Melbourne, Australia

Described as the only giant observation wheel in the southern Hemisphere – The Melbourne Star is a 120m, 7-spoke monster of a structure, containing 21 air-conditioned enclosed passenger cabins. Located in the Docklands precinct, a 30-minute ride on the Melbourne Star treats visitors to uninterrupted 360-degree views of many locations in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia. From inside the cabins, passengers are treated to wide sweeping views of up to 40km in any direction; notable views include Port Philip Bay, Melbourne central business district, and as far as Mount Macedon, Arthur’s Seat and the Dandenong Ranges.

Throughout the ride, automated narration in the cabin points out the different Melbourne landmarks, including specific areas in Port Philip Bay, points of interest in the CBD, as well as interesting facts about the history of Melbourne. When entering the Melbourne Star, guests are given a map of points of interest in Melbourne, and as the ride progresses the narration references the map, allowing guests to get their bearings. What we found especially useful was the compass points posted on the roof of the cabin.  As the voice-over instructs riders to look north, for example, the handy compass reference makes it easy to determine which direction to look.

Unfortunately, many of the beautiful buildings and parks within the CBD are obstructed from view by the massive skyscrapers lining the skyline.  However, these impressive skyscrapers are a sight to behold in and of themselves.

The cabins are spacious and clean, with a bench in the middle for seating or to hold your camera bag, and enough room to comfortably accommodate up to 20 people.  Depending on how many other guests are in the queue, luck might be on your side and you could end up with your own private cabin! However, if you would rather not leave it to chance, private cabins can be pre-arranged with the friendly staff members.

We visited the Melbourne Star during the afternoon to see the vast views of Port Philip Bay, however, one of the best times to ride is at sunset for viewing the dazzling lights of the CBD.

The ride on the Melbourne Star is a relaxing trip through the humble beginnings and ongoing accomplishments of the world’s most liveable city! For the price of $36.00 AU (adult), you’ll see views of Melbourne comparable to hiring a private plane!  Children’s tickets, age 5 – 15 are $22.00 AU.  Night tickets are slightly more expensive, plus Melbourne Star offers combo tickets for a ride both day AND night so that guests can experience the city with 2 completely different ambiances. Online purchases will save you a few dollars per ticket.  Further info can be found HERE. 

Our advice – if you’re visiting Melbourne, don’t leave without experiencing this attraction.


Review, Photos, and Video by Daniela Tantalo



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