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The Teahouse, located in Vancouver’s Stanley Park reminds us very much of The Loeb Boathouse in New York City’s Central Park.  Besides the obvious legendary parks as a backdrop for both restaurants, there are also similar interiors.  This includes but is not limited to floor-to-ceiling glass and plenty of indoor greenery that results in a solarium-like atmosphere.  Both also offer scenic and relaxing water views.  Each of these restaurants is renown for their upscale lunch and dinner selections, with both menus priced similarly.  And finally, both are adept at hosting special events.  To that end, weddings are particularly pretty at both sought-after locations.  In all honesty, given the stark similarities, we were surprised to discover that nothing links these two properties.

But this article specifically is about The Teahouse, which rates high among visitors due to the service, ambiance, and quality of food.  No doubt, the name is misleading because this restaurant goes far beyond being a tea house. With views of English Bay and sky-high trees, The Teahouse offers a memorable dining experience, whether you’re seated indoors beneath the tealight chandeliers or on the outdoor patio beneath the Canadian flag.

The menu is said to be West Coast cuisine but to break that down into something a little more understandable, it means a lot of seafood dishes along with Canadian/American cuisine with a gourmet touch.  This includes salads, soups, specialty starters and sandwiches, and dinners with a hearty meat selection such as steak, prime rib, and rack of lamb.

Currently, The Teahouse is celebrating its 40 anniversary.  To mark the occasion, they have developed a special ‘prix fixe’ menu.  Until May 1st (2019), from Monday to Friday, visitors can enjoy a $40 (CAD) three-course meal, suitable for lunch or dinner.

Pick one of three starters, entrees and desserts, with the option of a $10 Enhancements.  Examples of starters include mushroom caps stuffed with shrimp, crab, and cream cheese; carrot soup made with coriander crème fraîche; or a salad with egg mimosa, croutons, cheese, tomato, capers, carrots and sliced almonds in a tarragon vinaigrette. For your main entrée, selections include Lois Lake steelhead with tarragon butter; a 6 oz NY striploin; or fisherman’s stew containing shrimp, scallops, fish, and anise, all in a Pernod broth. Dessert is a hard choice of chocolate mousse with pecan brittle, creme brulée, or Baked Alaska with meringue, chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream. For most people, this would be a satisfying meal.  However, for big eaters, The Teahouse offers specially priced ‘enhancements’ of Sable Fish or Rack of Lamb for an extra $10.

If your travel plans include Vancouver in the coming weeks, or if you already live there, we highly recommend The Teahouse for lunch or dinner from the prix fixe menu.  However, if you miss the celebratory specials, no worries because there are a variety of items well worth trying.  Consider going for brunch and ordering Belgian Waffles with fruit, a spinach and tomato omelette or, for something completely out of the ordinary, Duck and Waffles. For lunch, try a West Coast twist on a hamburger with the Salmon Burger, or the Smoked Salmon Pizza.  For dinner, you can’t miss with the Fish & Chips, Flat Iron Steak, or Wild Mushroom Ravioli.

The truth is, the menu isn’t overly big with its quantity of selections, but it’s definitely big on quality and taste.  Add the ambiance and stunning ocean view and you’ve got a reason to toast your visit to The Teahouse, whether they’re celebrating their anniversary or not.

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