Timekettle Translation Earbuds – Product Review

by GO GlobeHopper

If you are a serious GlobeHopper, prone to adventure travel and exploring several countries and cultures, chances are high that you won’t understand every language you encounter. Even if you are partially or totally multi-lingual, you still stand a chance of being in a country where you experience a language barrier.

Of course, you could always turn to something like Babbel or Triplingo before your travels to become familiar with the language of the country you plan to visit. Or you could memorize a few specific phrases with help from Mondly. Or you could opt for real-time translation with Google Translate.

But if you’re looking for speed and convenience, we highly recommend Timekettle M2 Offline Translation Earbuds, which function as a personal translator that’s always on call.  These highly developed earphones can detect 93 languages and accents. They can assist with interpreting quick interactions such as getting directions or asking where the nearest restaurant or bathroom is, or something more complicated such as translating a phone call, making your way through an airport, or ordering a meal. This offline speech translation with wireless stereo technology and extraordinary sound is priceless if you consider the potentially confusing or embarrassing conversations you will be saved from experiencing. Plus, they’re comfortable, lightweight, and fashionable.

Attention to detail was not overlooked in the making of these Timekettle Translation Earbuds because they operate on a Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip for intelligent and responsive playback. And for perfect sound transmission, they incorporate the Qualcomm aptX Audio Codex compression algorithm. They even play music for when you want to kick back.

With all this technology packed into one little device, you’ll be completely prepared to get the answers you need to make your travels hassle-free!

This product is currently available on Indigogo.  Take a look HERE.

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