Toothsome Chocolate Emporium – Unique Indulgences

All chocolate lovers get ready to fulfil your chocolate flavored fantasies at the brand new Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen. Now open at Universal CityWalk, dining at Universal Orlando Resort is now sweet with chocolaty goodness and one-of-a-kind gourmet treats, specialty custom flavored milkshakes, and hearty appetizers and entrees – all featuring a very important ingredient.

The culinary team at Universal has launched this new restaurant in Orlando incorporating chocolate in unique ways in their dishes and drinks. Check out our list of five chocolatey indulgences you’d never expect.

#1. Chocolate & Coffee Wings – $14.95

Universal's Toothsome Chocolate and Coffee Wings

Yes, you read that correctly. Bite into a Chocolate & Coffee wing that puts a chocolatey twist on traditional chicken wings. The chicken is fried to crispy perfection and then dipped in a luscious chocolate and coffee glaze. How could you resist such a combination?





#2. Chocolate Cherry Mule – $10.00

Universal's Toothsome Chocolate Cherry Mule

If you’re over 21, try out the Chocolate Cherry Mule. The unique chocolate-infused drink is a mix of double chocolate vodka, brandied cherry, ginger beer and chocolate bitters. While you sip, nibble on the tasty brandied cherry garnish drizzled with “snowy” white chocolate shavings.





#3. Signature Warm Chocolate Almond Bread – $2.95

Universal's Toothsome Warm Chocolate Almond Bread

This baked bread is anything but ordinary. Toothsome combines rich chocolate and almond to make this a standout treasure on their menu. The Chocolate Almond Bread is complimented perfectly with the salted caramel butter for a blissful trip to chocolate heaven.





#4. Chocolate Brioche S’mores – $11.50

Universal's Toothsome Chocolate Brioche Smores

Toothsome takes French toast to a whole new level of ooey-gooey goodness. The Chocolate Brioche S’more fuses favorites like marshmallow and graham cracker on fluffy brioche bread dripping with mouth-watering chocolate. This is also served with two chocolate- dipped strawberries for an irresistible experience.




#5. Black & Tan Onion Rings – $10.95

Universal's Toothsome Black and Tan Onion Rings

The final treat on the list may seem odd, but trust us, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. The onion rings are deep-fried and dipped in a yummy batter for a tasty crunch. If you thought that was good enough, think again. To accompany the onion rings, Toothsome has created a cocoa ranch dipping sauce that incorporates chocolate into every delightful bite.


Toothsome Chocolate Emporium goes above and beyond all chocolate lovers’ expectations with these creative treats.

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