Top 10 Beaches in Switzerland

On a sunny summer’s day… it’s time to hit the beach! But that doesn’t have to mean a long drive to the sea. These 15 lidos in Switzerland ensure a real holiday atmosphere, right up to the sand between your toes.

1. Eaux-Vives Beach — Geneva, GE

A little holiday atmosphere in the heart of the city of Geneva. The new city beach on the shores of Lake Geneva is the perfect place to swim and splash around with a view of the Jet d’Eau. A long and wide stretch of sand crowns the Eaux-Vives beach and is waiting to welcome sun worshippers in their swimsuits.
How to get there: Thanks to its central location, it is within easy reach on foot or by urban public transport networks.

2. Steckborn LidoSteckborn, TG – Eastern Switzerland

Steckborn Lido is nestled in a bay between Feldbach and Glarisegg Castle. It has been a popular meeting place for young and old alike for over 50 years. This bijou lido invites you to linger by the shores of Lake Constance.
How to get there: A short walk from Steckborn station. Parking spaces are available subject to a charge.

3. Lido in La NeuvevilleLa Neuveville, BE – Jura & Three-Lakes

The old town of La Neuveville has a beautiful lido overlooking St Peter’s Island. The lido on Lake Biel is just a stone’s throw from the village centre. It is part of a campsite but is also open to non-campers.
How to get there: It is just a short walk from the La Neuveville train station and the jetty. The nearest bus stop is “Ruis de Vaux”.

4. Biel LidoBiel, BE, Jura & Three Lakes

A paradise for people of all ages who love being in the water on Lake Biel. In addition to the fine sandy beach, a water park, diving platform and play area make for plenty of action. The view across Lake Biel seems limitless, almost just like at the seaside. Or perhaps even more beautiful.
How to get there: Biel’s lido is a 10-minute walk from the station.

5. The beach at YvonandYvonand, VD – Lake Geneva Region

Gently sloping beaches, fine sand and turquoise-blue waters. The beaches at Yvonand definitely evoke that seaside feeling. Since the current in Lake Neuchâtel is only low, this bathing paradise is also suitable for children. The beaches at Yvonand are surrounded by greenery and are the ideal place to kick back and relax.
How to get there: All of Yvonand’s beaches are within walking distance of the train station.

6. Lido in Ascona — Ascona, TI

Ascona Lido (as pictured in the lead photo) is one of the longest lidos in Switzerland and certainly one of the loveliest. A variety of water sports are available here, such as wakeboarding or stand-up paddleboarding. Restaurants, bars and sports facilities round off the beach experience on Lago Maggiore. La dolce vita starts here!
How to get there: It’s around one kilometre from the town centre; you can walk there or take the bus to “Lido”.

7. Lido di Lugano — Lugano, TI

Even as far back as the 1920s, the popularity of Lugano’s lido has extended well beyond the borders of Ticino. The lido also includes several heated swimming and diving pools with diving platforms up to 10 metres high. The centrepiece is the very fine and large sandy beach, which has been well maintained and cared for over the years.
How to get there: The “Cassarate, Lido” bus stop is just a few minutes walk from the lido.

8. Mythenquai Lido — Zurich, ZH

Mythenquai Lido on Lake Zurich has a 250-metre-long beach. The non-swimmers’ area in the lake and the water slides make it particularly family-friendly. This beach really does have it all. This is also where you’ll find the world’s first automated stand-up paddleboard dispenser. Also worthy of mention is the nearby Hiltl restaurant with its delicious dishes and a book exchange box with plenty of reading material.
How to get there: Take Tram 7 to “Brunaustrasse” or Bus 161/165 to “Sukkulentensammlung”.

9. Gäsi LidoWeesen, GL – Glarnerland

The idyllic location on the edge of a forest makes the Gäsi Lido on Lake Walen a great place to relax. A beach volleyball area and a playground are also available. The spacious lido is open to the public and surrounded by a protected forest that offers plenty of space to explore.
How to get there: The best way to get to Gäsi is by bike. Parking spaces are also available subject to a charge, however.

10. Untersee LidoArosa, GR – Graubünden 9

A beach high above sea level can be found by the Untersee in Arosa. At 1,800 metres above sea level, fans of the water can enjoy a fine sandy beach. Until 1920, only men were allowed to swim in the Untersee, while women had to use the much colder Obersee. These days, anyone can unfurl their bath towels on the sand and enjoy the lake with its panoramic mountain views.
How to get there: Ten minutes’ walk from the station. The nearest bus stop is “Arosa, Untersee”.

Photos and Article Excerpt Courtesy of Switzerland Tourism

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