Top 10 Most Scenic Vistas on a European River Cruise

Europe’s many rivers offer countless wonderful places to visit. Take a look at 10 of the most scenic to savor while on a river cruise.

1. Cruising along the Seine River, especially during the evening and night hours, is particularly beautiful as travelers are able to see the most iconic landmarks of Paris spectacularly lit up and glowing.

2. The French countryside is a highlight for most cruisers, particularly the colorful fields of Provence and the mountainous region around Viviers.

3. Will that be white or red? Or perhaps rose? You’ll be asking yourself which wine you’re in the mood for while cruising the Gironde, Garonne, and Dordogne Rivers of France’s wine region of Bordeaux and gazing upon the lush green vineyards that spread across the hillsides.

4. Cruising the Douro River near Barca D’Alva, Portugal gives travelers fantastic views of rolling hillsides and mountains, as well as cliffs and rock formations that flank the river on either side.

5. On river cruises from Budapest to Passau, tourists will marvel at the scenery on either side of The Danube River as it lazily winds its way through Wachau Valley in Austria. The area is rife with history and eye-catching colorful rooftops that dot the thick greenery of the hillsides.

6. Cruising the Lower Danube in Romania and Serbia, it’s the white limestone gorge known as The Iron Gate that will have sightseers taking an abundance of photos.

7. Still cruising the Danube, travelers are treated to visions of beautiful bridges and stately buildings that are sure to delight with their unique architecture.

8. Nothing is more lovely than a spring cruise along the rivers and canals of Holland and Belgium when tulips are in full bloom in a gorgeous rainbow array of color.

9. Most travelers are thrilled by the idea of seeing castles, and certainly, river cruises provide plenty of opportunity for that. In particular, the Rhine and Moselle Rivers offer views of hilltop castles surrounded by quaint towns, creating a surreal vision that beckons to be photographed.

10. On river cruises that route from Berlin to Prague, scenery includes awe-inspiring views of the Elbe and the stunning rock formations that are prominent in Saxon Switzerland National Park.

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