Touring Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium – with video

by GO GlobeHopper

Situated on the banks of the Yarra River in Australia is the Sea Life Aquarium Melbourne, which specializes in exhibits that showcase creatures inhabiting southern waters and the Antarctic. Upon entering the aquarium, guests are given a map detailing the route through 14 exhibits spread over 4 floors.

The exhibits begin with the Bay of Rays, which focuses on sea life found right in Melbourne’s backyard and depicts marine creatures that reside deep beneath the waves of Melbourne’s iconic Port Philip Bay. Next up were the rockpools that allowed us the opportunity for a hands-on experience as touched different creatures such as Sea Stars. Venturing through the aquarium we viewed huge stingrays, massive sharks, and beautifully colored fish in huge floor-to-ceiling tanks. Included in this area is a walk-through tunnel that essentially takes visitors through the middle of a tank, allowing for an interesting perspective as sharks and stingrays swim overhead and all around.

⦿ To watch our tour of Sea Life Melbourne, visit our YouTube video HERE and be sure to use the highest quality playback settings. Or, keep reading for valuable information and photos

A favorite exhibit was the Coral Atoll, which is a little slice of the underwater ecosystem inhabiting coral reefs. The colorful coral and fish in the large display were beautiful, where it is a treat to say ‘I found Nemo.’ Dory, too.

Moving on from the coral reefs, the map guides visitors through exhibits featuring crocodiles, rainforest amphibians such as frogs, and reptiles such as snakes and turtles, all of which inhabit different regions of Australia.

It is evident that education is the cornerstone of Sea Life Melbourne. Display boards are posted throughout the exhibits to inform visitors of the marine life they are viewing.  Additional displays challenge kids to ‘Get Really Close’ to the tanks and find the certain features on the fish that are detailed on the educational display boards.

In addition to educating the public about the different inhabitants of the ocean around Australia, Sea Life Melbourne takes great pride in the conservation work they do to protect and sustain the beauty within all oceans. Throughout the exhibits, displays detail what Sea Life Melbourne is doing to protect marine creatures, and it provides information to the public regarding what they can do in their own lives to reduce negative impact.

The final exhibition, the Penguin Playground, brings guests face-to-face with the King and Gentoo penguins that inhabit Antarctica.  The Penguins have a huge enclosure full of snow and ice, as well as a pool for swimming.

These penguins are fed twice during operating hours. Guests can witness the feeding, as an aquarium employee educates the viewers about the penguins and explains the feeding procedure.

Tickets are reasonably priced, especially with online saver tickets.  Plus, there are options to add unique interactive experiences, such as Meet the Stingrays and Meet the Penguins, and/or a Glass Bottom Boat tour. A more extreme hands-on experience exists with Shark Dive Xtreme, where thrill-seeking visitors can come face-to-face with huge sharks and stingrays.

For a romantic experience, ask about the aquarium’s private underwater dining.  Or, inquire about a VIP tour. Visit the website HERE.

A trip to Sea Life Melbourne is an eye-opening experience to the diversity of land and marine life inhabiting Australia and surrounding areas.  With the combination of educational display boards throughout the exhibits plus presentations delivered by the Keepers, visitors are sure to develop a wider appreciation for the beauty of Australia’s nature.

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