Traveling with Mia Toro Luggage

by GO GlobeHopper

If you are old enough to remember a time when luggage was made of faux leather in limited colors, and the only way to move it was to pick it up by the handle and lug the entire weight around, then you probably know the industry has come a LONG way since then.  That’s why we were eager to travel with Mia Toro Luggage, to see what it had to offer.

A visit to the mall or a quick jaunt through any airport or train station will attest to the fact that luggage is now vastly different from its predecessor.  It’s available in a variety of colors and patterns, designs, and textures, with an array of new convenient gadgets and additional storage spaces.  Yes, a lot of different companies have jumped into the business of modernizing and redesigning baggage.  But there’s one that truly stands out from the crowd — Mia Toro.

This is a high-end brand that is designed in Italy and features both soft-side and hard-side spinners in sizes that include a 21-inch carry-on at a weight of just 7 pounds, a lightweight 24-inch check-in suitcase at 9 pounds, and a large upright spinner at 28-inches and 9.4 pounds.

Individual luggage is available along with 3-piece sets, all of which are decked out with a telescopic pushbutton trolley. Another notable feature is the Glide Tech wheels with 360 spin, which make each suitcase feel like it’s floating on air even when being pulled across a hard and rough surface like a parking lot or sidewalk. It moves very smoothly.

Actually, everything about this brand of luggage is smooth, from the ultra-shiny finish on the Armor-Flex composite body of the case which helps to prevent dents to the hard shell, to the heavy-duty zippers that are designed with an easy grip and gentle glide.  The Mia Toro identity logos are also sleek including the polished metal badge on the exterior of each case to the rubberized insignia located on the silky lining of the interior.  The compression straps, designed to hold clothing in place, stretch easily across a fully loaded suitcase and fasten with an interlocking clasp.

We were particularly impressed with the interior’s book-style opening.  This contains a divider that is a fully zippered panel tucked into the lid of the suitcase.  It creates an almost hidden second compartment in which to store items of value or those you wish to keep clean.

Meanwhile, a breathable mesh pocket is located on the front of the panel, suitable for undergarments or small items that need to be located quickly or easily.  And if by chance you have to pick up the suitcase instead of rolling it, you can count on the handle being soft and supple due a gel-like material that creates an easy and comfortable grip.

Yet, despite all of these impressive features, there’s one more that will blow your mind – a 10 YEAR WARRANTY.

Mia Toro has introduced virtual worldwide cloud protection good for ten years, 24 hours a day.  To report a warranty claim, customers can call or email, with contact information found on the Customer Service Page.  Or, you can simply complete an online form in order to interact with the customer service department.  For convenience, there is even a section for uploading photos of the damage you are reporting.

This extensive warranty underpins the fact that Mia Toro has invested 30 years in design and innovation, and is committed to standing behind its product.

As part of the Hontus Milano Group of luggage designers, customers can expect a wide variety of Mia Toro products and designs.

The luggage that has been shown within the review features the Color Wheel design.

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