Udderly Ridiculous – Bright, Ontario

by GO GlobeHopper

Are you an animal lover? Interested in a farm experience? Or just looking for a memorable adventure?  If you are an Ontario resident or are visiting the province, and answered “yes” to any of these questions, do not miss Udderly Ridiculous located in Bright, Ontario.

Approximately 1.5 hours from Toronto, this farm offers several delightful animal interactions that are entertaining and educational. This includes Goat Cuddles for a hands-on experience with Nubian, Pygmy, and Nigerian Dwarf goats; Goat Yoga for exercise with a four-legged companion; and seasonal Goat Recess where guests can be a goat agility trainer in an obstacle course-like setting.

There is also an option for an Alpaca Walk where visitors can take an alpaca on a stroll through the fields, and seasonal Alpaca Picnics that include snacking on locally-produced charcuterie-type foods while surrounded by several of these adorable South American animals.

Udderly’s signature experience is an informative 2.5-hour Taste of Farm Life that meshes animals and agriculture with a whole lot of fun. Visitors may also get the chance to interact with chickens and highland cows while on the farm.  All the animals are ‘udderly’ adorable and are named for their unique personalities and quirky traits.

Conveniently, all experiences can be booked via the Farm Life section of the website, found HERE.

As the original land owner, Greg Haskett is a charming third-generation farmer who operates an off-site goat milk farm. His wife, Cheryl Haskett, is a savvy city woman who adopted the farm life and brought her considerable corporate skills and creativity with her. Together, they expanded the farm’s capabilities, starting with producing gourmet ice cream, which has since become an award-winning product.

Made with goat’s milk, these unique and tasty flavors include Vanilla Bean Lavender, Coffee and Craft Beer, Wine and Dark Chocolate, Lemon Cream, Peachy Mango Tango, and Spiced Pumpkin. With the ice cream successfully placed in select stores for distribution, Cheryl then chose to delve into tourism which spawned the interactive goat and alpaca experiences.

Dedicated to charitable causes, the Hasketts donate 10¢ from every pint of ice cream to Gift A Goat, which is an initiative run by World Vision Canada that provides goats and education to families in Africa for the purpose of starting their own businesses. The second cause comes in the form of an annual event called Wreck The Dress, which allows victims of domestic abuse to bring their wedding gown or prom dress to the farm for the emotional release of destroying the garment with the help of the farm animals. This empowering experience features professional photographers, food trucks, and entertainment.  And, for additional support, it can be shared with family and friends (both men and women) as well as allies of the cause.  Best of all, the money raised from the event is donated to the Moving Forward Fund – a scholarship designed for domestic abuse survivors to access higher education.

But wait, there’s more.  Also onsite, visitors will find a store that features the farm’s goat milk products along with products from other local farms, and some keepsakes such as T-shirts.

All of this and more makes Udderly Ridiculous a do-not-miss attraction in southwestern Ontario.  No matter which experience you choose, or how many hours you spend on the farm, the Haskett’s hospitality and your inevitable attachment to the animals will make you want to come baaa-ack!

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