Visiting Safari Niagara – Niagara Falls, CA

by GO GlobeHopper

Safari Niagara‘s vision is to provide people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to meet animals and birds up close. It is hoped that such interaction with nature will inspire future conservationists and naturalists. In a world where children experience fewer exchanges with nature, Safari Niagara provides an unprecedented opportunity for kids to view, experience, and learn about many animal and bird species that share our planet while engaging in a fun and rewarding adventure.

What originally began as a modest conservation and rehabilitation effort by the Tykolis family, as they adopted abused animals, plus animals in need and some exotics that had been legally confiscated from their less-than-equipped owners, has since expanded into a beautiful 150-acre nature park, and is home to more than 1000 animals of native and exotic mammals, reptiles and birds.

In memory of their late father’s love for animals and after more than 10 years of planning and development, the Tykolis children have converted the once flat, clay tract of land in rural Stevensville to green space complete with hills, trees, and lakes. Since opening, Safari Niagara has become known in Niagara as one of the area’s best and safest places for families, students, and corporate groups to experience nature together.

Visitors of all ages and abilities can experience the park and everything it has to offer on their own with a self-guided tour.  Or, for those wishing a more structured visit, free and educational guided walking tours are offered along with narrated tram rides and tours.

Interactive, educational demonstrations include Wonders of Flight, which showcases the park’s birds of prey, while cat lovers can look forward to the Big Cat Tour.  The park also features an interactive Reptile Show, a Hippo and Giraffe Encounter, a Primates Tour, and Safari Niagara’s unique traveling animal show called Zooniversity.

For up-close experiences, Safari Niagara houses Papa Steve’s Family Farm, essentially a petting zoo.  Plus, there is an opportunity to feed the giraffes.

On-site activities for kids include Jumping Pillow, Pedal Bike Go-Karts, Sky Quest Rope Climb, a large playground, sandbox, and an animal-themed splash pad. Adults can join in for such rides as paddle boating, kite-flying, and catch and release fishing. However, please note these attractions are only open from June until Labour Day weekend.

Safari Niagara makes for an excellent adventure in the Niagara Falls region.  It is home to one of Canada’s largest steel sculpture exhibits, on loan by artist Rod Dowling. The park also includes an outdoor amphitheater that is host to live concerts and offers plenty of shaded picnic areas, a counter-service restaurant, and a gift shop. Visitors can enjoy spending quality time with their families and friends with the park’s all-inclusive admission. Adult passes are for ages 13-64, child passes are for ages 3 -12 & senior passes are for ages 65+.  Children 2 and under are free. Behind the Scenes packages are also available.

To see the park’s hours of operation, view admission rates, and purchase tickets online, visit the park’s website at




Giraffe, Hippo, White Lion, and Secretary Bird photos by Go GlobeHopper.
Sky Ropes, Splash Pad, and Tiger Habitat lead photo courtesy of Safari Niagara

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