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No trip to the Myrtle Beach is complete without a seafood dinner. To that end, the vast Grand Strand area offers plenty of restaurants that specialize in seafood, many of which offer a buffet setting with all-you-can-eat favourites like shrimp and crab legs.  However, area newcomer Wicked Tuna has expanded on this tried and true formula by also incorporating USDA prime steaks and fresh sushi on their menu.

The inclusion of sushi speaks to a younger and, dare we say it, hipper clientele ensuring that Wicked Tuna covers all bases for visitors of all ages and preferences.  And the modern interior design of the restaurant sets it apart from a typical buffet.

Wicked Tuna as seen from the waterfront

Set in the quaint and tiny fishing town of Murrell’s Inlet with a typically southern backdrop, Wicked Tuna stands out for its modern design and eye-catching colour.  The same vibrant blue that adorns the exterior is seen in the dining room as well, along with contemporary tables and chairs in electric blue and white.  But the nautical themed props on the walls speak to the region as well as a time when all seafood restaurants were decorated relatively the same way.

Patio seating is available dependant upon the weather, but if you’re lucky enough to get a table outside, be sure to enjoy views of the marshlands, better known as the South Carolina swamp that joins the inland wetlands to the ocean. As long as you’re not wading in it, it’s quite beautiful to look at, especially with so many fishing boats docked and rocking gently in the breeze. Really, once you see the patio, you’ll realize its the best place to sit.

Many of the menu’s appetizers are traditional offerings, but some are a new take on an old classic such as the Oysters Rockefeller for example, topped with spinach, mushrooms and crab.  As well, there are several signature salads like Roasted Beet & Arugula featuring goat cheese and pecans, and Kale and Apple Salad featuring radicchio lettuce, gouda cheese and pecans, and drizzled in a champagne vinaigrette.

View of fishing boats and marshlands from outdoor patio

Turf entrees include a classic Ribeye Steak, a tasty filet, St. Louis Ribs, and Grilled Herb Chicken, all of which carry the option of Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Cream Asparagus, Wild Mushroom Risotto, French Fries, or Spanish or White Rice as side dishes.

As you can imagine, given the local fishing faction, with fresh catches every day, the seafood section of the menu is as vast as it is creative.  This includes Pan Seared Scallops with tomato and corn chutney and cauliflower puree, as well as Triggerfish dusted with parmesan and crab.  Other traditional offerings include Mahi Mahi, Crab Cakes, Lobster, Tuna and Grouper, along with a convenient Seafood Platter for people wishing to try a bit of everything.

As for sushi, Wicked Tuna offers everything from traditional items like Tuna Tartar to modernized twists like Tuna Pizza made with spicy mayo, jalapenos, cilantro and avocado mousse.  Then there are 20 different house specialty rolls which turn up the heat with a 7-spiced seared Tuna on sweet chilli, ponzu sauce and Wasabi mousse, and a Ceviche Roll that features tempura kani, tuna and salmon, yellowtail and cilantro.

Wicked Tuna outdoor seating

But a well varied and unique menu isn’t where Wicked Tuna stops being interesting. Actually, there’s much more, including daily specials, appreciation nights, game nights, and live entertainment.  The venue will even host special events, like weddings, special dinners, birthdays and holiday parties.

Due to the undeniable success of Wicked Tuna in the Murrell’s Inlet area, a second restaurant is currently under construction in Myrtle Beach at the 2nd Avenue Pier.  For more information, you can visit the Wicked Tuna website HERE for more information.

Photos via Wicked Tuna’s Public Facebook Profile

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  • August 13, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    Great restaurant with a great view. Im glad to hear their building another.


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