Jabra Move Headphones – Product Review

by GO GlobeHopper

Let us paint the picture: screaming children, snoring passengers, conversations all around, and the constant hum of engines. Yep, that’s a flight in economy on a commercial airline. Wouldn’t it be nice to just put on some headphones and drown out all the noise?  Well, you can.  We recommend Jabra Move Headphones.

For any traveler that has looked into getting a high-quality pair of headphones, it’s hard to choose considering there are numerous brands on the market, each of which offers several models with different features. Although Jabra doesn’t rank among the most well-known headphones, they are indeed among the best.

To start, let’s talk about the most important feature of any pair of headphones – sound quality. With Jabra Move, you can hear any song, in any genre of music, delivered in high definition. With crisp and clear sound quality, it’s easy to get lost in your tunes and forget about the clamor around you. Or, if you’re the type of person who listens to audiobooks, prepare to hear the story as if the reader is right beside you.

The design and durability of Jabra Move headphones are unmatched. They are lightweight and flexible, making them great for flights and sleeping. The headphones do not fold up but are small enough on their own to fit into any carry-on baggage.  Although they aren’t 100% noise-canceling or isolating, the sound they let in is just enough that you are aware of anything important or dangerous going on around you, or if someone is talking directly at you.  Otherwise, they do a great job of minimizing the background racket and blocking out the chatter.

The battery on Jabra Move can compete with such name brands as Beats and Bose. With 8 hours of play time and a full 12 days of standby time, you can handle most flights on just one charge. If your flight is longer than 8 hours, simply take the headphones off Bluetooth and plug in the aux cord to continue listening through a wired connection.

Finally, these headphones are incredibly comfortable, with significant padding and minimal design that allows you to slightly rotate the ear pads to get a perfect fit. They come in three stylish colors (cobalt blue, fire red, and jet black) so you can look good while globe-hopping.

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