Revamped Interrail Planner App – Europe at your Fingertips

by GO GlobeHopper

Whether you’re on your sofa planning your next trip or at the station searching for your next train, Europe is at your fingertips with the Rail Planner App. It’s a trip planner and a timetable in your pocket – and it works offline, too.

To celebrate its 50th birthday, the Interrail Pass has been radically revamped and now comes as a paperless travel app for maximum flexibility. Buying your ticket online is quick, and when you’re on the road, the Rail Planner app is readily available for trip planning and ticket checks. Up to 33 countries in Europe can be discovered in an eco-friendly way using the pass, and travelers can spend anywhere between three days and three months on the road.

Look up train times offline

Whether you’re speeding between cities or taking the scenic route, it’s easy to find trains that match your plans – from local and national trains to high-speed and sleeper services.

Plan your whole trip

Whether you like to plan in advance or decide on the day, save journeys from the planner to My Trip and see your whole route on the map or as a day-by-day itinerary.

Board with confidence

You can search for trains that accept your Global Pass, and you can see at a glance which trains ask for seat reservations, or you can choose to avoid them altogether.

Book your reservations

Go online to buy your seat reservations for many popular routes straight from the app. We’ll send them to you by email so there’s no waiting around.

Get extra discounts

Your Pass also offers discounts and benefits on ferries, buses, attractions, and more across Europe. Search by country to find out where you can make extra savings as you travel.

Download it now for iPhone (iOS 13.0 and later) and Android (6.0 and later).


Source:  Interrail/Eurail

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