Traveling with TEP Portable Wireless

by GO GlobeHopper

You don’t need to be a frequent traveler or globetrotter to understand that staying connected while away from home becomes infinitely more important than while you’re actually at home.  The reasons are as varied as they are simple.  For starters, there’s the issue of staying in touch with family and friends.  This is not only to say hello but also for safety purposes, to update them on your whereabouts and itinerary.  Next, there’s a need for information. While at home, chances are that you know your way around the city or town in which you live, but it’s an entirely different ballgame when traveling. Having the internet at your fingertips is imperative for directions, for researching local hotels, restaurants and activities, car rentals, and perhaps even something as important as nearby medical, dental, or wire transfer facilities.

Having Wi-Fi on hand presents several communication options that help to eliminate roaming and its associated fees.  For example, Wi-Fi gives travelers access to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber, among others, making it easy to connect with family and friends.  Wi-Fi also offers travelers access to deals and discounts, and then there’s the aspect of social media seeing as most people like to post photos of their travels for friends and family to see.  The problem is, staying connected isn’t always easy, nor is it cheap.  Though most hotels offer free Wi-Fi throughout the property, there are still plenty of resorts that only have such a feature in the lobby And some of these destinations will limit the time a guest can actually use it.  If you’re traveling with a family or in a group with multiple devices, the cost is usually outrageous.  Sure, there are restaurants and cafes that offer free Wi-Fi but they’re not always easy to find. Then there are those times when you’re completely away from populated service areas so there is zero chance of connectivity.

Recognizing that Wi-Fi issues are a downside to traveling, a number of tech companies have developed portable Wi-Fi devices, essentially Wi-Fi HotSpots, most of which are smaller than the human hand.  Among them is TEP Wireless which is considered one of the best for international travel.  It offers users convenience, reliability, and peace of mind, not to mention that it eliminates the expense of international roaming charges.  It’s also extremely easy to use.

Connecting is as easy as turning it on, which means no delays or worries about where to connect next.  With a battery life of 8 hours, the device is small enough that it will fit almost anywhere you put it, including a shirt pocket, for ongoing service no matter where you are.  Should you have questions or encounter any difficulties, Tep Wireless includes round-the-clock customer service via phone, SMS, email, social media, and several apps.  With the use of a unique password, users can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Conveniently, Tep Wireless allows for renting the devices rather than purchasing them, which allows for extra savings. It’s as easy as logging onto the website, entering your information and the dates for which you will require the device, and supplying advance payment. Then relax and wait for the device to be shipped to you. Simply return it when you’re done, as you would a rental car.  There is an option to purchase if you are a frequent traveler and feel that owning the device would be more beneficial than renting it frequently.  Owning Tep enables users to prepay the service at a lower rate than renters.  With both options for such a reliable product, it’s hard to go wrong.

Compared to the costs associated with your wireless supplier, using Tep just makes good sense.

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