Visit Mount Isabel de Torres, Puerto Plata – with video

by GO GlobeHopper

If you plan on visiting Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, consider a half-day sightseeing excursion to Mount Isabel de Torres. You can likely see this mountain from your resort, but it’s more than just a backdrop.  Travelers can hike their way to the top; however, the most popular option is to take the cable car.

The ride to the top offers spectacular views of the mountainside as well as the harbor and downtown Puerto Plata.  The peak is 793 meters (2,600 feet) above the lush valley, where the view now also encompasses the beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean in the distance.  Isabel de Torres also hosts the iconic landmark of Christ the Redeemer.  The statue is very similar to the one seen in Rio de Janeiro but is on a smaller scale. Botanical gardens, caves, and a depiction of a Dominican homestead are all available for viewing, along with a gift shop.  Additionally, the remains of a historical fortress exist at the summit.  A map given to guests before boarding the cable car will show various routes around the mountaintop that will offer different scenery and highlights. Tourists can undertake the walk by themselves or enlist the help of guides that are available near Christ the Redeemer.

This tour is best taken on a sunny day, and preferably in the morning before heavy clouds can gather with the threat of late afternoon rain.  Clouds and haze will substantially diminish the views from the summit.

⦿ To watch our cable car ride and exploration of Mount Isabel de Torres, visit our YouTube video HERE and use the highest quality playback settings.

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