Artone Luggage Protectors

by GO GlobeHopper

Luggage design has made huge strides over the years.  The industry has gone to great lengths to develop lighter bags with easier maneuverability and durability and has stepped up to feature more brilliant colors and unique patterns that are quickly identifiable on baggage carousels.

But good luggage is expensive and it’s easily damaged on a trip, particularly at airports where it is continuously tossed and banged around from the moment you check it with your airline till the time you retrieve it from baggage claim.  No matter how tough you think your suitcase is, canvas bags suffer rips and tears, hard shell luggage incurs dents and scratches.  And both get very dirty.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could protect your luggage so it continues to look new trip after trip?  Well, there is and it’s where Artone Luggage Protectors come into play.

While it’s true there are several brands of luggage protectors on the market – which essentially are covers or sleeves for your suitcase – Artone ranks among the best.  For starters, their polyester and spandex covers are thicker than other brands, allowing for better padding and more protection.  Bare suitcases run the risk of opening during transit if you haven’t locked every exterior pocket and compartment, whereas Artone covers fit snugly to ensure the suitcase remains shut.  They are double stitched for strength and durability and feature just enough elasticity in the spandex that’s it’s easy to get them on and off your bags. Fastening the cover is also made simple with velcro straps.

For anyone that has ever stood beside a luggage carousel and repeatedly questioned, ‘Is that mine?’ as they watched for a black, charcoal gray, or navy blue suitcase making its way toward them, you might want to take note of Artone Luggage Protectors because the company features several eye-catching patterns and designs that are sure to make your baggage stand out.  There’s no more hassle with trying to make your suitcase look different by attaching brightly colored ribbons, tape, or stickers.

Sized 19-32 inches, the protectors fit most major luggage brands and users can count on easy clean-up by tossing them into the laundry after each use.  Underneath, your suitcases will remain spotless.  The covers stand up to repeated washings without stretching the fabric or losing their vibrant colors.

The Artone brand is undoubtedly more expensive than most luggage protectors on the market, but considering the quality and durability, we believe the cover is worth it.  Other brands are made with thin cotton or use flimsy zippers as closures so they begin to fall apart after just a wash or two, and are easily torn in transit.  Not so with Artone.  However, if you want to purchase one or more, you’ll need to do so online since Artone is not sold in stores.  Instead, look for them on Amazon, eBay, Smart Air Flights, and several other online stores featuring travel products.

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