Destination Idea: Eleuthera and Harbour Island, Bahamas

by GO GlobeHopper

Are you looking for an interesting and unique destination in the Bahamas, one that isn’t quite as well known or highly trafficked as Nassau? Or, perhaps you’d like to take a side trip for a day or two to experience something completely different. Consider these two islands — Eleuthera and Harbour Island.  Located 60 miles east of Nassau, Eleuthera and Harbour Island are surrounded by clusters of beautiful cays and sandbars.

Eleuthera is a sprawling stretch of wild beauty. It is a pencil-thin island with 210 miles of coastline and contains 3 airports for travelers arriving by air (North Eleuthera, Governor’s Harbour, and Rock Sound Airport).  Harbour Island is a quaint, seaside town with storied New England-style architecture.  Once the capital of the Bahamas, Harbour Island is often called the ‘Nantucket of the Caribbean’ but locals just call it ‘Briland’.  Accessible only by boat, the seclusion is what makes Harbour Island so special.

All that separates these two islands is a five-minute ferry ride. And if you visit one, you will naturally want to visit the other.

Spanish Wells

A short ferry ride from the mainland Eleuthera brings travelers to Spanish Wells, a quiet town on St. George’s Cay. It looks and feels like a more colorful version of a New England fishing village, right down to the busy dock where local fishermen bring their catch.

Stroll down a picturesque street in Harbour Island or Spanish Wells and the New England style architecture is hard to miss. Peruse the colorful shops and boutique art galleries along the flower-lined streets of Dunmore Town.  But if you would prefer to stroll on the beach, be prepared for pink sand.  Yes, pink!  Here you can paddleboard, jet ski, rent a boat or experience a fishing charter.  And though Harbour Island’s famous Pink Sands Beach steals much of the limelight, that fact is that the blush-colored sands cover more than 35 miles of mainland Eleuthera.

Rent a golf cart to visit other areas of interest, including the pineapple fields. Eleuthera grows some of the best pineapples in the world, often referring to them as ‘sugarloaf’ due to their intense sweetness.  Head to the southern end of the island to view Briland’s Blue Hole, which locals believe holds healing powers in its saltwater.  This seemingly bottomless blue hole is perfect for adventurous divers.

Glass Window Bridge

Experience the brilliant colors of Glass Window Bridge where the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean join the turquoise Caribbean in a stunning scene separated by a ribbon of land. About a mile south of Glass Window Bridge, travelers will find Queen’s Bath, which is a rocky collection of pools formed by centuries of crashing waves.  Bask in the warm waters of these shallow pools or relax and sunbathe on the rocks.

If you’re hoping to stay in the region, there is a variety of accommodations available. From intimate resorts and affordable inns to luxury properties and upscale oceanfront cottages, it is impossible to go wrong on Eleuthera & Harbour Island. Hotels and resorts in the region include Dunmore Beach Club, the Ocean View Club, Romora Bay Resort & Marina, Valentines Resort & Marina, Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina, and Royal Island Resort to name just a few.

And, of course, there are plenty of fresh island flavors to discover with food and drink available at a variety of beachside shacks as well as upscale restaurants.

You can’t truly experience the Bahamas and everything the islands have to offer if your only destination is Nassau and its adjoining Paradise Island.  For a closer look at the islands and all their beauty, you can’t beat a visit to Eleuthera and Harbour Island.



Source:  Visit Bahamas
Photo Credits:
Lead – Pixabay
Spanish Wells – Pixabay
Glass Window Bridge – Wiki


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