Dubai Miracle Garden

by GO GlobeHopper

The Dubai Miracle Garden is the largest natural flower garden in the world. Located in Dubai, UAE, the garden first opened in 2013. With over 150 million flowers and plants on display, visitors can immerse themselves in the colorful landscape of floral architecture. And thanks to a variety of displays, some of which are aimed at young children, and others that would be appreciated by adults, the Miracle Garden can be enjoyed by the entire family.  It’s also the perfect place for couples, given the romantic setting, and a stellar location for photography enthusiasts.

The Garden is known for the largest flower structure in the world– the Airbus A380, an Emirates superjumbo jet. The jet structure is covered in 500,000+ fresh flowers and plants and holds a Guinness World Record. Visitors can explore the stunning beauty of this attraction across a variety of sections.

The Floral Castle is an excellent setting for a selfie while surrounded by daisies and sunflowers, and the Hill Top is a breathtaking cascade of color studded with convenient coffee shops and an ice cream bar. Meanwhile, Floral Villas presents a fantasy world of bungalows and villas draped with lilac, lavender, orange, and Lillywhite flowers. The 3D Floral Designs are one of the most visited flower gardens with giant mushrooms and swans. For more magic and wonder, see the Floral Clock, the Floating Lady, a giant Teddy Bear, and the Sunflower Field.

Tourists can enjoy breathtaking views of the fountains and flowers in the Sitting Area, with semi-secluded seating arrangements around the gorgeous setting of Lake Park. For more sitting areas, guests can lounge in the Hawaiian ambiance of the Cabanas which is complete with drapes and floor cushions for privacy and comfort.

Chairs and tables are offered in the Umbrella Tunnel as well, where an overhead canopy of color exists with a multitude of upside-down umbrellas, hanging green plants, and flowers. The rainforest-themed floral concept makes this one of the garden’s most creatively designed regions.

Smurfs Village is a new attraction for all ages. Based on the Belgian comic as well as movie and television franchises, the spectacle is complete with the famous blue creatures. Guests can enjoy the magical floral arrangements and forest of mushroom houses along with an activity area. Surprise visits from characters and performances occur in the evenings.

The Kids’ Play Zone is perfect for guests with young children and includes activities and trampolines.

One of the highlights of Dubai Miracle Garden is the Flower Parade. This nighttime festivity highlights floral floats while performers wearing colorful costumes and masks travel through the pathways accompanied by a live band. Zumba and yoga sessions are also offered in the gardens.

More than 30 food outlets including coffee shops, candy stores, and kiosks with fresh fruit juice are available on the premises, with a mix of local and cuisine.

This state-of-the-art attraction also includes VIP parking, a prayer room, an ablution facility, a first aid center, and more. The Dubai Butterfly Garden is also available at an additional charge and features more than 15,000 butterflies of 26 different species.

If Dubai is on our bucket list, we highly advise that you add the Dubai Miracle Garden to your ‘to do’ list while you’re there.  You wont be disappointed.  This is an absolutely beautiful way to spend a day.

For more information, including ticket prices, park hours, and months of operation, visit the Dubai Miracle Garden website HERE.




All Photos via Unsplash and Pixabay

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