Exploring Crocker Range Park – Malaysia

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Classified as a National Park, a Biosphere Reserve, and deemed as the biggest park in Sabah, Crocker Range Park is an enormous park located just two hours from the well-known Mount Kinabalu. The park is one of Sabah’s natural treasures, with astonishing wonders in its landscape; from its full-flowing pristine rivers, deep valleys, Mahua waterfall, to the over-the-top flourishing rainforest.

Mahua Falls

The beautiful landscape of Crocker Range Park is truly captivating. Not only is the scenery breathtaking, but this park is also home to various unique creatures in Malaysia, such as the orang-utan, gibbons, furry tarsier, and the long-tailed macaques – a perfect fusion of natural wonders and wildlife adventure!

Being blessed with a diversity of rare and endemic species of plants and wildlife from its lowland tropical forest to the higher montane forest, Crocker Range Park was listed as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Covering 1,400 square kilometers of the area, the park also plays an important role in providing a clean source of water for the entire West Coast of Sabah – providing a source for drinking water, agriculture, and industrial purposes.

The park is one of the places with the highest precipitation in Sabah making it an obvious water catchment area and a natural freshwater reserve area.

It is best to plan your journey outside of the monsoon season for the best experience in Crocker Range Park.

Besides basking in the park’s beauty, here are some things you can do during your visit:


Originally a route for village traders, the trail provides a fun and easy jungle trekking adventure to all visitors. The trail starts at Inobong and ends at Tikolod, spanning 34 km i. The experience of trekking this trail will be a wholesome adventure in the wilderness, with rugged pathways, muddy river valleys, and a glimpse of the village life around the area.

Enjoy Hiking and Salt Trail Trekking


For bird-enthusiasts, the park is heaven! It is a premium birding spot, boasting a list of magnificent unique birds to be embraced, such as Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Buff-rumped Woodpeckers, Bulbuls, Hornbills, Pacified Swallow, and Chestnut Munia.


Make sure to leave no stone unturned in the Insectarium and get in touch with multiple rare species of insects. The Crocker Range Park has over 400 species of insects!


Rare species of plants and trees are endemic to the Crocker Range Park and it has attracted a lot of tourists. If you are looking for refreshing and green sceneries, explore the Fern Garden which houses approximately 55 species of ferns in its splendid lush garden. The rays of sunlight across the garden give a more heaven-like experience to all visitors and you are able to feast your eyes on different sizes and species of fern plants. If you have been longing to catch the Rafflesia in its natural habitat, stroll to the Rafflesia Plot, which also houses Rafflesia Keithii, the biggest Rafflesia species in Sabah.

Information and Photos via Malaysia Tourism 

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