Golf Destination: Beijing, China

by GO GlobeHopper

When most people think of Beijing, they think of a bustling city with modern architecture and highly trafficked streets. While this assumption is true for the business district of the city, the same cannot be said for the outlying areas. The reality is that Beijing is full of historical landmarks and heritage sites such as the Forbidden City complex, the Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and, of course, the best views from the Great Wall of China.

Among the deep history and city lights is an abundance of beautiful golf courses. In fact, Beijing is home to over 100 different courses, each touting a unique view, signature hole, and skill level.

If  you are planning a visit to China‘s capital and want to play a round of golf, here are 7 of the best courses:


1.  Beijing Longxi Hotsprings Golf Club

This golf course is strategically designed with a variety of trees and beautiful, colorful flora. There are two 18-hole golf courses on the property, both of which were designed by Mark E Hollinger. A 9-hole Executive Course, designed by David Hemstock and Les Watts, can also be found here. The lawn is specially planted with bentgrass to provide players with a great golfing experience even in the cold winter. Also located on-site is a 5-star hotel.



Beijing Honghua International Golf Club

2. Beijing Honghua International Golf Club

Designed by Nick Faldo, a 6-time Majors champion, this centrally located golf club is one of the best. Honghua is recognizable for its classic square tees and white bunker sand. All greens are shaped in three levels with large floating aprons. The whole area of the course covers 135 acres and includes an 18-hole international standard golf course, clubhouse, and practice lanes, as well as a high-ended residential area.



Beijing Bayhood Golf Club

3. Beijing Bayhood Golf Club

As the largest 18-hole golf course in Beijing, this course is a favorite. The greens are made of premium bentgrass, which many golfers consider the best for a good game. Not only is it a great place to play, but the staff goes above and beyond to make sure guests enjoy their time on the course. With personalized, professional instructors onsite, the staff at Bayhood go out of their way to provide the best and most knowledgeable assistance to golfers.



Beijing Secret Garden Golf Club

4. Beijing Secret Garden Golf 

Competing with Longxi Hotsprings Golf Club, Secret Garden provides just as much in the way of breath-taking scenery. This property not only houses an incredible 18-hole course, but also a ski village, a tennis center, a traditional Chinese market, and a family entertainment zone.  There is also a spa and wellness facilities, and multiple two, three, four, and five-star hotels and branded condominiums. As a $1 billion all-season resort project, this complex is the newest in Beijing.



Beijing CBD International Golf Club

5. Beijing CBD International Golf Club

This golf course opened in 2005 and has quickly become one of the most well-known and reputable courses in the city.

It covers an area of 135 acres including an 18-hole championship course and training facilities, as well as a fully-equipped pro-shop. This is a very modern course that welcomes tourists by the thousands from around the world.



Beijing Taiwei Golf Club

6. Beijing Taiwei Golf Club

This is one of the most unique championship courses in Beijing. With a total length of 7,177 yards, the course balances two different styles: the first 9 holes are played in an open and plain area, offering a relaxing golf playing atmosphere. On the contrary, the final 9 holes are quite challenging with large ponds, rolling hills, and tree lines.

Onsite facilities include a five-star hotel and a fruit-picking garden.



Beijing Riverside Resort Golf Club

7. Beijing Riverside Resort Golf Club 

Beijing Riverside Resort is a golf facility for players of all different skill levels. This is an 18-hole championship course, boasting par 72, with the 7030-yard fairway totally comprised of a natural and beautifully landscaped design.

The fairways are wide and bunkers are few but strategically located. There are many streams and lakes of different shapes and sizes, which add to the level of difficulty. This course offers a golf school to help guests improve their game.



Source Beijing Golf Courses on China Tour Advisors

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