Golf Destination: Morocco

by GO GlobeHopper

If you are considering a truly exotic golf destination, consider Morocco.  In Morocco, golf is more than just a sport or hobby: it’s a tradition!

For a little over a century, golf courses have been cropping up across the country. There are currently 37 beautiful courses of varying skill levels, all of which invite guests to indulge their passion while enjoying breathtaking backdrops.

Cabo Negro Royal Golf Club

In the north, golfers can marvel at the Mediterranean shimmering on the horizon. This is especially true at Cabo Negro Royal Golf Club in Tetouan.  And in Tangier, at courses like Royal Golf of Tangier, visitors will find pathways festooned with flowers with tall pine and fir trees providing some welcome shade.

On the interior of Morocco and then stretching toward the Atlantic coast, the golf experience is much different with a clash of culture as well as sports.  Golfing in Meknes offers both day and night experiences with a fully lit course that borders the city walls.  Or, for more of a challenge, golfers can opt for a spectacular course in Mazagan, which is part of a luxury beachfront resort.

The scenery changes yet again for golf in Marrakesh, with the Amekis Club and The Palm Golf Marrakech Ourika where the greens and fairways are bordered by the Atlas foothills and views of palm groves, which can be seen in our lead photo.

Marrakech Royal Golf Club offers landscapes that include fragrant fruit trees of oranges and apricots, as well as olive trees and palms. This club also boasts a steeped history considering this is where Eisenhower and Winston Churchill once played.

Marrakech Royal Golf Club

Heading further south, Agadir is home to more lush courses.  Golfers can play in paradise while basking in the sun amidst the dunes and surrounding vegetation.

Although you might never have considered Morocco as a golf destination, you might want to give it some thought because this is a country that can provide a very full vacation experience.  There is a vast range of hotels to be found, plus attractions and activities that include land and water sports. And flights are easy between the major tourist destinations.

Located less than three hours flight from most major European capitals, Morocco boasts great weather and comfortable temperatures year-round, along with beautifully landscaped golf courses designed by well-known architects. Not to mention that most of these courses offer competitive green fees and low caddy fees.

So what are you waiting for? If you want a truly different golf experience, consider Morocco for your next round!

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