KOBWA Multifunctional Travel Bassinet

by GO GlobeHopper

As the world seeks to become more convenient these days, virtually everything is becoming multifunctional.  Cookware, for example, does double duty as stovetop and oven safe, converting from a pot to a frying pan to a casserole dish.  The furniture industry has developed coffee tables with storage facilities built in and tabletops that easily lift up and pull forward to form a desktop or table for people that prefer to eat in the family room while watching TV.  And the tech industry has produced laptops that double as tablets and phones that are actually miniature computers with multiple ways to communicate while navigating your direction and placing a convenient camera and video camera in your hand. 

With all of this, it’s no wonder that baby products are following suit in order to make things easier and more efficient for parents and caregivers while simultaneously saving space.   Take, for instance, this 3 IN 1 easy-to-carry baby changing station by KOBWA that combines a traditional diaper bag with a portable bassinet.

Weighing only 1.69 kg, this convenient product can be carried over your shoulder and is perfect for travel purposes given its versatility.  With 5 zipped compartments, one of which is insulated as a bottle warmer, it allows you to carry almost everything you’d normally carry in a diaper bag while providing you with a handy changing station and a cozy place for the baby to sleep.  The bassinet features a waterproof mattress that easily can be wiped clean, and is capable of supporting the baby weight of a newborn to approximately 12 months old. 

Taking into account the multi-purpose of this lightweight product, we highly recommend it for travel, especially for full-day outings or a road trip.  Eliminating the need for a crib also would be great on a cruise or a train.

If traveling by air, it might present a few small problems, for starters because its dimensions are too big to be considered a carry-on item.  However, you could treat it as checked baggage.  If this is the route you decide to go, we strongly suggest wrapping it in plastic to keep it clean.  And, of course, you’d have to temporarily carry your diaper bag contents separately.  But once you arrive at your destination, the convenience of having 3 products in 1 would be well worth the effort of bringing it along.  Available in a small selection of colors and at a reasonable price of approximately $48 (CAD), the KOBWA multifunctional bassinet is a must-have for parents on the go with a baby in tow.

KOBWA is a product company found strictly on Amazon and produces several products that range from tech to travel.

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