Nomatic Backpack Laptop Bag – Product Review

by GO GlobeHopper

These days, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, chances are you’re taking your laptop with you.  But no matter the purpose of your journey or the length of your trip, that valuable piece of tech will require protection since it will encounter a lot of handling.  A road trip will necessitate moving the laptop from place to place, likely while being jostled around among additional baggage.  Train travel – the same.  Air travel will require removing the laptop from its container for TSA screening and quickly jamming it back into place so you can move on. This might be followed by a little work on your laptop while in an airport lounge or at the gate as you await your flight time, and possibly again during the flight.  Post-flight, it will be jammed back into its sleeve until you reach your destination, and perhaps the process will repeat itself several times during the course of your trip.  That’s a LOT of packing and repacking for a sensitive piece of equipment that holds some of your life’s most valuable information and perhaps your livelihood.

When it comes to laptop bags for travel, the multi-faceted Nomatic Backpack scores high for several reasons. For starters, the comfortable strap system allows users to wear it as a backpack or carry it on its side to look more like a briefcase for work-related scenarios.  The clean design and plain black exterior look far more professional than most backpacks.  Plus, the waterproof material is strong and durable with smooth-gliding and long-lasting YKK zippers that extend the full perimeter of the bag, allowing for visibility and access from all sides.  This is so much better than having only a top-end zipper that forces the user to locate their items by feeling their way around the bag’s interior.

The Nomatic Backpack contains a total of 20 pockets so that everything you’re carrying has a designated spot and is easy to find when you’re on the go. This truly makes packing easier and prevents a scenario where you’re jamming several items into one space. These compartments include a quick-access fleece pocket, an RFID lockable security pocket, a protective shell for sunglasses, multiple mesh and zipper pockets, and a hidden pocket for important items. The water bottle pocket is magnetic and expandable while in use, then snaps shut when the bottle is removed.

Cord pass-through holes are located in each compartment to create seamless charging technology. There is also a retractable key leash as well as reflective ink on the front and back of the bag.

Measuring 12 x 6 x 18.5 inches, the bag weighs only 4 pounds when empty and has the capability of expanding up to 50%.  Best of all, your laptop is easily accessible for packing and unpacking and is nestled snugly and safely in its designated sleeve during travel.

While there is no denying that this Nomatic bag is more expensive than several others of its kind, it’s well worth the money due to the sleek, multi-functional design.


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