Thily Tumblers – Product Review

by GO GlobeHopper

The popularity of tumblers has exploded over the past year, with countless companies offering countless styles.  And the way in which consumers can personalize these containers has exploded as well, with hundreds of creators that each promote unique designs and details.  But buying a pretty pattern doesn’t necessarily amount to buying a quality product, as we discovered while recently reviewing a wide range of tumblers.  As a matter of fact, we found that some didn’t keep drinks cold any longer than regular glasses or cups.  But there was one that stood out among the rest as hands down the best tumblers we have ever reviewed.  That brand is Thily!

Available in 16, 20, 22, and 26-ounce sizes, as well as 12-ounce wine tumblers, the Thily brand is crafted from 304 food-grade stainless steel.  It’s durable, shatterproof, and resistant to rust and absorbing odors and bacteria.  It’s also resistant to condensation so you won’t find sweat rings on tabletops nor will they slip through your hands.  A silicone bottom also ensures they won’t slide on slick surfaces.  The 20 and 26-ounce travel tumblers come complete with two sturdy and spill-proof lids — one with a rotating closure for hot drinks and one specifically made for straws. They also come with two reuseable stainless steel straws — one straight and one curved.  The 16 and 22-ounce versions and 12-ounce wine tumblers come with one switch-style lid and one straw.  Yet, despite such sturdy construction and high-grade materials, the tumblers are surprisingly lightweight.

26 ounce Travel Tumblers in White Marble and Tropical Plants pattern, with straight and curved straws

Attractive and environmentally friendly, they are also very easy to disassemble and clean, especially since they come with a skinny brush for cleaning the straws.  And every size is available in a variety of colors and patterns, including floral, color gradients, and marble looks.

As for how well they maintain beverage temperature, Thily tumblers are triple-insulated and dipped in copper with a promise to keep drinks cold for 12 hours or hot for 6 hours  We decided to put this to the test using the 26-ounce version.  Milk is a beverage that tends to warm easily, so we were shocked to find that it was still very cool and drinkable a full 13 hours later.  Certainly, that exceeded the Thily promise as well as our expectations. As for hot, we used coffee and ramped up the test by putting the tumbler outside at 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 Celsius).  We expected the coffee to be cold within 30 minutes.  Shockingly, it was still lukewarm almost 2 hours later.  Indoors, the coffee remained warm for almost 7 hours.

The wine tumblers are excellent for both hot and cold drinks as well, with the ability to hold 12-ounce bottles of beer.  They keep wine and cocktails nicely chilled for up to 9 hours so you can sip to your heart’s content.  These are available individually, as a 2-pack with mixed colors, or conveniently as a 4-pack set.

12-ounce Wine Tumblers in Blue Marble and Rose Gold

No matter which size you choose, these are fantastic for cruises, especially as many cruise lines encourage passengers to bring their own drinkware and reuseable straws, especially if purchasing a “drink package”.  The same is true for many all-inclusive resorts where straws are no longer offered and drinks come in small and flimsy plastic cups.  The weight of the ice alone is enough to knock them over. It makes more sense to pour your drink into a fashionable Thily tumbler where it will remain cold and refreshing and won’t spill onto the pool deck or beach. Plus, you won’t risk sand or bugs getting into your drink.  They are also handy and economical in airports where all drinks must be disposed of before entering TSA.  Rather than throwing out a partially full bottle of water and then purchasing an expensive replacement while you wait at your designated gate, simply dump out the water before customs and refill it afterward at the food court or by using a drinking fountain.  And, of course, they’re absolutely perfect for road trips!   They fit nicely into cup holders in cars, boats, and golf carts, and this includes the monster 26-ounce size.

Affordable, fashionable, and superior in every aspect when compared to other tumblers of its kind, we would go so far as to say that Thily is better than the original Thermos brand.  It’s one of the reasons why we’re so anxious to try Thily’s water bottles and attractive new 12-ounce coffee mugs, both of which look perfect for travel!

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