Thily Water Bottles – Product Review

by GO GlobeHopper

Single-use products, particularly those that are housed in plastic, have become taboo in recent years.  To address plastic pollution, some governments have moved toward banning single-use plastics as hundreds of companies learn to develop more eco-friendly alternatives.  Some of the most socially acceptable beverage containers these days come in the form of reusable tumblers and water bottles.  But given so very many on the market, available in a vast array of shapes, colors, and special features, it’s difficult to find a brand that best suits your needs.  So, allow us to introduce you to Thily.  As fans of the brand, we’ve already reviewed their tumblers and coffee mugs, both of which are perfect travel companions.  And now, let’s look at their impressive 32 oz water bottles, a product that takes everything that’s perfect about their tumblers and blends it with a water bottle.

Sturdy construction contributes to Thily’s success in every product they make, and their water bottles are no different.  They’re durable, shatterproof, and not susceptible to rust.  And because they are triple insulated and dipped in copper, they’re also resistant to condensation so the bottle won’t slip through your hands or leave wet rings on a table.  The patented design stops the absorption of odors and bacteria, and guarantees to keep drinks hot or cold for extended periods of time.  Additionally, the thick silicone bottom prevents the bottle from slipping and sliding on wet surfaces. Unfortunately, the bottles are too large to fit most cup holders but given how stable and well-sealed they are, you can feel safe putting them on the floor of the car.

Water bottles come equipped with two different lids — a flip lid for hot drinks and a straw lid for cold drinks, with 2 straws included along with a skinny brush for cleaning them. The lids are easy to clean and are totally leakproof when fully closed.  Plus, they are conveniently decked out with a carabiner clip so the bottle easily can be hung from a duffel bag, backpack, bicycle or motorcycle, baby stroller, and more.

The bottle itself is lightweight but can feel heavy when fully filled, especially since 32 ounces is the equivalent of 1 liter or 1 quart.  However, the large capacity ensures that users can drink for hours without stopping to refill, which makes it perfect for runners, hikers, golfers, boaters, and adventurers.  Plus, given the wide mouth of the bottle, ice cubes can be added as well as a little flavor with a lemon or lime wedge.  Moms with kids can take along a full quart of milk for the day.  And for users that want to fill it with something a little more exciting, mixing juice and fruit pieces (and perhaps a little alcohol) for summery concoctions is easy in a container this size.  It’s big enough for sharing, and knowing it will stay cold for up to 2 days hours is a huge bonus.

When it comes to travel, these oversized water bottles are perfect for long road trips, camping and hiking trips, or a day at the beach.  They’re an excellent spill-proof option for long-haul flights or a day at a theme park or waterpark where reusable bottles are allowed. And if you’re headed to a hotel or resort with a pool, they will allow you to sip all day while you swim and sunbathe.

At GlobeHopper, we think Thily is the best choice for travel. 

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