What to Expect at Temasek Retreats, Malaysia

by GO GlobeHopper

Port Dickson has long been a popular weekend vacation destination for residents of Klang Valley due to its close vicinity. Temasek Retreats, though not far from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, will captivate travelers with its serene and tranquil environment overlooking the sea and sunset.

While it is located away from the crowds at the picturesque Teluk Kemang Beach, the house is just a 10-minute drive from Port Dickson town. Grocery stores and supermarkets are conveniently located in the heart of town and are just a few minutes from the villa by car.

When you enter the villa, you will be welcomed by a gorgeous infinity swimming pool and direct access to the beach, leaving you on a clifftop with breathtaking views of the Malacca Straits. TemasekRetreats is a stunning six-bedroom estate set on a hill overlooking the sea that begs to be your next holiday destination in Malaysia. You’ll have the whole villa to yourself, and it’s large enough to comfortably accommodate 23 people. It’s the ideal location for a vacation with family or friends.

The major attraction of the property, apart from its excellent architecture and luxuriously spacious interior, has to be the pool. The massive infinity pool faces the sea and is definitely large enough for everyone to swim about in comfort. There’s also a hot tub area where you may relax and rest, as well as a small pool for kids. On top of that, there’s also a pool dining area where you can relax and dine while looking out from the outdoor kitchen!

The kitchen is well-furnished and ideal for barbecuing. The property is ingeniously designed to accommodate large groups — the inside has an open plan layout, with large dining tables strategically placed both within the house and on the outside terrace overlooking the pool. Ample parking space is available inside the property’s compound, accommodating 8-10 vehicles).

There’s also a separate multi-function space up a flight of stairs where you may sing (4 hours of free karaoke is included in your stay), arrange games, and more! However, given the size of the property, the number of people it can accommodate, and the overall beauty of the villa, it will certainly be the ideal location for a special gathering or that one-of-a-kind family vacation!


Source: Malaysia Travel

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